Prindi see leht

Year 2021

  1. M. Hovi is part of the scientific committee of the ‘15th international conference, ‘Society, Integration and Education’ to be held from the 28th-29th May 2021 at Rezekne Academy of Technologies, Latvia
  2. A. Allik’s Venia Legendi in the frame of the Associate Professor position in renewable energies will be held on zoom:
  3. P. Rauwel has co- published an editorial for a special issue, a book will soon be printed.
  4. A. Annuk has successfully completed work for Elering AS, the main energy supplier in Estonia
  5. 3 new PhD topics are open in the Chair of Energy Applications Engineering. The 3 topics are proposed by Prof. Andres Annuk, Assoc. Prof. Eugen Kokin and Prof. Protima Rauwel. The topics are available here:
  6. A new Masters’ Curriculum committee for Energy Applications Engineering has been appointed. The new member include: Protima Rauwel (Head), Eugen Kokin (regular member), Külli Hovi (regular member), Erkki Jõgi (regular member), Vahur Põder (external member), Taimo Piho (student member) and Heli Saaremets (Study assistant).
  7. 2 New positions are open in the Chair of Energy Applications Engineering.

1 position for Senior Lecturer in Power systems Engineering:

1 position for Associate Professor in Renewable Energies:

  1. We Welcome Yashita Khunger who started her PhD in nanomaterials for photovoltaics from the 1st of March.
  2. A. Annuk et al have published an article on Grid and Energy consumption in the Open access journal ‘Energies’ of MDPI.
  3. H. Pihlap has published a popular science article in ‘Novaator’ on the cost-saving feature of heat pumps.
  4. S. Muiste has received funding to prepare an English version of the ‘Smart Grid’ course from the ASTRA funds.
  5. A new concept of method of evaluation the Masters thesis has been organized, course code TE.0053. The program is more research oriented and focusses on Research Methodology
  6. Our First publication for the year in an Open Access journal of MDPI, Nanomaterials, Impact factor 4.3 by P. Rauwel et al.
  7. From 1st January 2021, Protima Rauwel has been appointed full professor of Energy Applications Engineering