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Akkus, Aivo. Composition of young stands and abundance of trees in stands of different species after pre-commercial thinning. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Andrejev, Georg Sten. Application of airborne laser scanning data for mapping tall trees in Järvselja. Supervisors: Tauri Arumäe, Mait Lang.

Heidrits, Kauri. Impact of restrictions related to Siberian flying squirrel on forest owners in Ida-Viru county. Supervisor: Tiit Randveer.

Heliste, Taavi. Success of Scots pine plantations depending on regeneration methods in Võru county forest district of the state forest management centre. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Hiiend, Henri. Analysis of methods of determining the stand age. Supervisors: Henn Korjus, Eneli Põldveer.

Jänes, Artur. Järvselja forest compartments assessment in different economic regime forests. Supervisor: Teele Paluots.

Kiipus, Birgit. Perspective game census techniques. Supervisor: Tiit Randveer.

Konsap, Karl. Smart device applications for measuring forest. Supervisor: Ahto Kangur.

Kuusk, Janet. Awareness of private forest owners on their forest management. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Künnapuu, Karel. Social acceptance of biorefineries. Supervisor: Priit Põllumäe.

Liibert, Oliver. The analysis of a sawmill production process on the example of Jaxel Ltd. Supervisor: Risto Mitt.

Meriloo, Uku. Remote sensing applications for forest inventory in Estonia. Supervisor: Mait Lang.

Orobko, Enrico. Study of stem cracks in Norway spruce in Alatskivi provenance trail. Supervisors: Diana Laarmann, Sandra Metslaid.

Paeküla, Marek. Workload analysis of AS Rait, Tartu terminal. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Pai, Merili. Effectivity to control ROTSTOP® and urea in Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) stand. Supervisors: Rein Drenkhan, Tiia Drenkhan.

Paulson, Kaisa. Impact of drought on the radial growth of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) karst.). Supervisors: Maris Hordo, Sandra Metslaid.

Pihlak, Joel. Mechanical strenght of wooden pellets at the example of OÜ Puidukoda. Supervisor: Linnar Pärn.

Pihlak, Laura. Biomass and production of dwarf shrubs in Scots pine stands growing in Myrtillus site type. Supervisor: Jürgen Aosaar.

Puhke, Rene. The distribution of the above- and below-ground biomass of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) and Norway spruce (Picea abies) in Oxalis-Myrtillus forest site type. Supervisor: Hardo Becker.

Punnisk, Taavi. Timber trucks and their usage in Estonia. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Raag, Indrek. Impact of woodland key habitats on forest use in private forests. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Reimand, Siim. Assessment of stand structural indices on forest permanent sample plots. Supervisors: Henn Korjus, Eneli Põldveer.

Remmelgas, Marko. Work time analysis of harvester Ponsse Scorpion King in regeneration felling. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Štšjogolev, Siim. The effect of thinning on the structural characteristics of the spruce stands. Supervisor: Raul Rosenvald.

Tarve, Mihkel. Growth analysis of Silver birch on the example of forest plantations at the Järvselja Training and Experimental Forestry District. Supervisors: Andres Jäärats, Reimo Lutter.

Tenurist, Artur. Thinning in Scots pine stands. Supervisors: Reimo Lutter, Hardi Tullus.

Toom, Reio. Forest machines and -technology manufacturing companies in Estonia and their production. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Tooming, Tair. European Pine marten (Martes Martes) and Beech marten (Martes Foina) during the time of regained independence. Supervisor: Tiit Randveer.

Tuvikene, Mari. Application of post-processing methods with medium resolution Landsat Operational Land Imager satellite winter images for mapping clear-cut areas. Supervisor: Urmas Peterson.

Varrik, Rasmus. Forest regeneration success depending on cultivation method in Võrumaa Forest District of the State Forest Management Centre. Supervisor: Marek Metslaid.

Väli, Karel. Software development for veneer production management in Kohila Vineer OÜ. Supervisor: Meelis Teder.



Alev, Gen. Wind damage in poductive spruce forest. Supervisor: Raul Rosenvald.

Horn, Joonas. Harvester work time analysis of harvester Ponsse ScorpionKing in clearfelling. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Ikkonen, Juho. Analysis of root rot damages in young Norway spruce (Picea abies L.) stands. Supervisors: Rein Drenkhan, Tiia Drenkhan.

Jõemaa, Jaanus. Cost-benefit analysis of managing Norway spruce stands using MOTTI simulation program. Supervisor: Risto Sirgmets.

Kammer, Martin. About the situation of spruce plantations in the South-East region of the State Forest Management Centre. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Kapp, Elmar. Cost-benefit analysis of investment on the example of wood pellets production. Supervisor: Risto Sirgmets.

Kuljus, Kaarel. Usage of forestry software in three forestry companies. Supervisors: Ahto Kangur, Peep Teppo.

Lehis, Rait. Impacts to the inventory data of tree species composition of forest stands corresponding to the amendments to the Forest Act in 2014. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Lippe, Kevin. Analysis of the forest inventory data of different forestry enterprises in Oxalis site type. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Lõbu, Uku. Occurrence of spiral-grain in pine logs used in log house building. Supervisor: Andres Uus.

Lääne, Carmen. The effect of glue layer on the large pine weevil (Hylobius abietis) feeding behaviour. Supervisor: Ivar Sibul.

Maasik, Martti. Resuslts of growing forest planting stock of the state forest management centre`s nursery at Rulli. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Metsmees, Markkus. Measuring social capital based on Vooremaa forest owners association. Supervisor: Priit Põllumäe.

Musto, Magnus. Survival of Scots pine (Pinus Sylvestris L.) sowing plantations in dry boreal forests in Võru county forest district. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Mühlberg, Merilin. Biodiversity protection and management: a forest owners view. Supervisor: Priit Põllumäe.

Org, Robert. Satisfaction of forestry association members with private forest support system and its services. Supervisor: Priit Põllumäe.

Põldmaa, Kristjan. Drive counts as a method of counting roe deer and its competence by the example of 2017 counts. Supervisor: Tiit Randveer.

Rannakivi, Sander. Root rot damages in 21-40 year old Norway spruce (Picea abies L.) stands. Supervisors: Rein Drenkhan, Tiia Drenkhan.

Raud, Ilmar. Analyzing the growth of Norway spruce planting stock based on the example of OÜ Metsapärdi Agro. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Raup, Mirko. An analysis of historical land use on old research plots in Järvselja forests. Supervisors: Ahto Kangur, Diana Laarmann.

Sirkas, Feliks. Forest owners association non-members relationships with national support system. Supervisor: Priit Põllumäe.

Tamm, Marek. Forest owners association representatives views on the private forestry support system. Supervisor: Priit Põllumäe.

Tsopp, Kevin. Radial growth of middle-aged Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) stands infected with root rot. Supervisors: Rein Drenkhan, Sandra Metslaid.

Täll, Kristjan. Competition between trees in hybrid aspen and silver birch plantations on former arable lands. Supervisors: Reimo Lutter, Arvo Tullus (Tartu Ülikool), Hardi Tullus.



Alp, Tauri. Thinnings in spruce stands. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Buht, Mikko. Carbon storages in the aboveground biomass of scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) stands of different ages growing in myrtillus site type. Supervisor: Hardo Becker.

Ehrpais, Timo. Assessment of post-thinning spruce stand health conditions on forest permanent sample plots. Supervisors: Eneli Allikmäe, Diana Laarmann.

Fjodorov, Merit. Occurrence and comparative analysis of root rot in thinned spruce stands. Supervisors: Tiia Drenkhan, Elisabeth Rähn.

Kaivapalu, Ragnar. The comparison of clearcut machinery based on the example of The State Forest Management Centre. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Konksi, Sven. Activity assessment of Estonian private forest owners by questionnaire data. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Küngas, Mario. Survival and height growth of coniferous planting stock in RMK Tartu nursery. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Laanesoo, Rasmus. An analysis of generalized height curves of young naturally regenerated forests: case study in Järvselja. Supervisors: Ahto Kangur, Vivika Kängsepp.

Luik, Karolina. Static and dynamic flex modulus comparison. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Makarenko, Pavel. Norway spruce (Picea abies Karst) knots analysis. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Allar Padari.

Mäger, Märt. Productivity comparison of harvester and excavator harvester (in example of Iftar Ltd and Lesnik OOO). Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Piiskop, Kätlin. Health assessment of Norway spruce (Picea abies L.) on regenerated clear-cuttings. Supervisors: Rein Drenkhan, Tiia Drenkhan, Elisabeth Rähn.

Press, Gert. Comparison of clear-cut mapping on Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 satellite images. Supervisor: Urmas Peterson.

Raja, Eero. Impacts of the amendments of the Forest Act on forest management. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Rünkaru, Mihkel. Analysis of forest management restrictions in Otepää nature park. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Sark, Marten. Tangential shrinkage of Scots pine. Supervisor: Allar Padari.

Seedre, Mihkel. The quantity and energetic value of felled wood on the example of subsequent cleaning. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Silk, Siim. Problems among private forestry in Läänemaa. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Zaborski, Andrei. Land value assessment model for unstocked and early development forest stages. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Veeväli, Vairo. Colonising and damaging fungi on spruce and pine wood. Supervisors: Kalev Adamson, Rein Drenkhan.

Visnapuu, Vairo. Change of wood basic density in axial and radial directions within Norway spruce (Picea abies). Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Õkva, Peeter. Thinning experiment for linden in Järvselja Training and Experimental Forestry Centre. Supervisors: Ahto Kangur, Henn Korjus.



Aarna, Marko. Debarking of logs with a pressure washer. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.

Adamson, Aiko. Fuel consumption analysis of John Deere harvesters under clear cuttings on the example of Emeksen OÜ. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Anton, Madis. Comparison of smartphone applications for forestry. Supervisor: Ahto Kangur.

Heinsaar, Alo. Analysis of impacts of forest act change in 2014. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Hernits, Taavi. Work time analysis of forwarder Valmet 840S-2 in regeneration felling. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Kaasik, Sander. High pruning of birch stands and comparison of tools between birch and spruce pruning. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Kask, Kristjan. Harvester John Deere 1270E worktime analysis in final felling. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Keerd, Katariina. Identification of forest disturbances in the stands of Piusa caves nature reserve. Supervisors: Maris Hordo, Ahto Kangur.

Kestav, Hannes. Continuous cover forest management plan on the example of Kalda estate. Supervisor: Ahto Kangur.

Kiiker, Aigo. Resource and time analysis of forest undergrowth removal on the example of Finnish forests. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Kipper, Kristjan. Management of municipal forests in Viljandi County. Supervisor: Priit Põllumäe.

Kusma, Tauno. An analysis of larch stands annual height growth in permanent plots in Järvselja Training and Experimental Forest Center. Supervisor: Ahto Kangur.

Kõivik, Hevelin. Efficiency of various wood protection products to avoid blue stain on pine wood. Supervisors: Rein Drenkhan, Regino Kask.

Kööts, Risto. Work time analysis of harvester Valmet 911.3 in regeneration felling. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Lillo, Janely. Forests in Estonia and forestry in Nature education: overview of the programmes and comparative analysis. Supervisor: Ahto Kangur.

Luha, Eerik. Dangerous pathogens in imported timber and plants. Supervisors: Kalev Adamson, Rein Drenkhan.

Luik, Kaspar. Analysis of non-compliances of the FSC forest management certification in the State Forest Management Centre, Estonia. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Lukk, Cheron. Analysis of composition of branches in non-pruned and pruned pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) stems. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Allar Padari.

Lõhmus, Neeme. Forest regeneration and reforestation volumes depending on clear-cut area in Alatskivi forest region in 2010-2014. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Münter, Taavi. Analysis of planting stock production and stocktaking in RMK Kullenga nursery in 2015. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Naarits, Alari. Height curve analysis of scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) and pruning influence to height increment in Järvselja Training and Experimental Forest Center. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Allar Padari.

Nokkur, Ants. Biometrical analysis of different cultivating material types of Norwegian spruce. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Oja, Andreas. Suggestions for increasing productivity for combined sawing line in Vara Sawmill. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Pent, Lembit. Land-use changes on the Estonian network of forest research sample plots. Supervisor: Diana Laaarmann.

Prants, Pihel. Pruned stands in Järvselja Training and Experimental Forest Center. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Puusepp, Peeter. Damage of wild animals in fish-breeding enterprises. Supervisor: Tiit Randveer.

Puust, Jaan. The spatial location and an analysis of the single tree variables in the "Metsaülema park" in Järvselja. Supervisor: Ahto Kangur.

Reedi, Marta-Maria. Distribution of invasive fungal pathogens on pines. Supervisors: Kalev Adamson, Rein Drenkhan.

Sarapuu, Karel. Tangential shrinkage of Norway spruce. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Allar Padari.

Sepp, Kristjan. Analysis of small-scale forest ownership and owners in Estonia. Supervisor: Priit Põllumäe.

Siirus, Taavi. The state and management of municipal forest in Estonia - example of city Tallinn. Supervisor: Priit Põllumäe.

Tamm, Janar. Advisory support scheme for Estonian private forest owners. Supervisor: Priit Põllumäe.

Tarmu, Toomas. Negative effects of forest thinning and the mitigation option. Supervisor: Raul Rosenvald.

Tomson, Kevin. Round log assortments' average incision lengths and factors affecting it. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Uri, Marek. Carbon storage in a pine stands of different ages. Supervisor: Mats Varik.

Vellak, Priit. The economic analysis of forest management on the example of forest property. Supervisor: Risto Sirgmets.

Veske, Tanel. Production analysis of forest planting stock in RMK Tartu nursery. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Ärm, Aavo. Growth analysis of natural and planted birch reforestation areas on filipendula and aegopodium site types in state forest of Pärnumaa. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.



Eensoo, Markus. Potential of Slash at pine, spruce, birch and black alder clearcutting sites in Järvselja Training and Experimental Forest Center. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Eller, Ain. A comparicon of different optimization of timber birch stemwood assortments. Supervisors: Tõnu Eller, Ahto Kangur.

Ingver, Jelena. The effect of wood ash on the growth of Silver birch (Betula pendula Roth.) on a Pindi cutaway peatland. Supervisors: Katri Ots, Mari Tilk.

Kapp, Kirsika. Damage of Dutch elm disease (Ophiostoma novo-ulmi) in Estonia - example of Tallinn and Tihemetsa. Supervisors: Kalev Adamson, Rein Drenkhan, Liina Jürisoo.

Karus, Mairis. Trees in open-landscape, their properties and value for biodiversity. Supervisor: Raul Rosenvald.

Koho, Martin. Cost-benefit analysis of investment on the example of firewood production. Supervisor: Risto Sirgmets.

Kokk, Andres. Passive private forest owners and options for their motivation. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Kollo, Joonas. Growth development and thinnings in a young aspen stand. Supervisors: Reimo Lutter, Hardi Tullus.

Kõks, Martin. The estimation of crown's biomass in mature Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) and Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) stands. Supervisor: Allar Padari.

Käen, Alvar. Strenght characteristics overview of birch heartwood plywood. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Liivson, Väino. Maintenance impact for 3-year old Norway Spruce height growth on former agricultural land. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Lipand, Sander. Potential of Slash at pine, spruce, birch and black alder clearcutting sites in Järvselja Training and Experimental Forest Center. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Mändoja, Magnus. Wood drying simulation "TORKSIM'' adjusting to actual industrial drying curve in order to improve the reliability of tension calculations and electrical humidity sensors. Supervisor: Valdek Tamme.

Ots, Jürgen. The effect of forest drainage on stands growth: A review based on journal Forestry Studies. Supervisors: Jürgen Aosaar, Mats Varik.

Paris, Erdi. Analysis of soils and vegetation in Aegopodium forest site type. Supervisors: Henn Korjus, Diana Laarmann.

Ploom, Priit. Quality of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) sawn timber from pruning of growing trees. Supervisor: Allar Padari.

Pruuli, Lennart. Description of forest permanent sample plots in Järvselja old-growth forest. Supervisor: Diana Laarmann.

Raju, Ainar. Taga-Tikuta forest management plan and the analysis of the inventory data of forests in Võru county on the example of 2014. Supervisor: Ahto Kangur.

Raud, Marek. Summer browsing by cervids and their population densities in Western-Saaremaa. Supervisor: Karli Ligi.

Rist, Risto. The effectiveness of Repellent Trico in reducing game damage to young pine growths in Saaremaa. Supervisor: Tiit Randveer.

Roos, Reigo. Analysis of growth parameters of Norway spruce transplants depending on seedling type in Kullenga nursery. Supervisors: Andres Jäärats, Aivo Vares.

Sei, Hendrik. The growth and condition of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) geographical provenance experimental plot after unplanned thinning. Supervisor: Rein Drenkhan.

Sulane, Sander. Honey as a non-wood forest product in Estonia. Supervisor: Ivar Sibul.

Sõnajalg, Ringo. The effect of wood ash on the growth of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) on a Pindi cutaway peatland. Supervisors: Katri Ots, Mari Tilk.

Tõnne, Hanno. Mixture of tree species and volume of dead wood in Southern-Estonia Natura 2000 habitat type "Herb-rich forest with Picea abies". Supervisors: Teele Paluots, Allan Sims.

Vinkman, Klaus. Influence of Forest Act changes in 2014 on regeneration fellings. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.



Hüps, Kaarel. Birch alder dynamic and static modulus of elasticity comparison on different moisture levels. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Valdek Tamme.

Jürimaa, Robert. Pine sapwood dynamic and static modulus of elasticity comparison on different moisture levels. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Valdek Tamme.

Kalder, Siim. Moose damage in Põlvamaa forest district of the State Forest Management Centre. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Kangur, Marek. QSB plate physical and mechanical properties. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Karu, Hans-Kristjan. Black alder height analysis on former agricultural land. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Kasepuu, Janno. Protecting wood from ultraviolet radiation. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Kliimand, Kairi. The effect of wood ash on the growth of seedlings on a Ulila cutaway peatland. Supervisors: Karin Kikamägi, Katri Ots.

Koitjärv, Kaarel. Comparative growth analysis of silver and curly birch. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Kokk, Andre. Primary field test of Betula pendula (silver birch) seedlings originating from different planting densities at Forestry Experimental and Training Station in Järvselja. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Korbe, Ahto. Stimulating the growth of trees with biofuel ashes on a Oru cutaway peatland. Supervisors: Karin Kikamägi, Katri Ots.

Kriisa, Kadi. The influence of industrially produced biopesticides on the behaviour of the large pine weevil (Hylobius abietis). Supervisors: Irja Kivimägi, Ivar Sibul.

Kuklase, Oskar. The Effect of Pruning Living Spruces on Wood Properties and Quality. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Allar Padari.

Kuuseste, Ariko. Development of forestry in Estonia 1918 - 1940. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Käkki, Kristjan. Efficiency of various wood protection products in order to avoid the effects of blue stain on pine wood. Supervisors: Rein Drenkhan, Regino Kask.

Lilienthal, Sander. Stomp hight effect on felling area timber resource. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Madi, Reigo. Performance analysis of silviculture specialists in the State Forest Management Centre. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Mets, Mihkel. An analyses of harvest selection in naturally regenerated broadleaved stand. Supervisor: Ahto Kangur.

Metsis, Jaan. Height growth and mortality of plantations established with one year old pine seedlings to Narva oil shale past mining areas. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Nõmme, Argo. ATV in forestry and using ATV for wood forwading. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Ojalo, Kristi. The impact of growth condition on the ultrasonic velocity in wood. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Peedosaar, Laura. Results of Norway Spruce Autumn Plantation in Hepatica Site Type. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Pihlapuu, Malin. Growth analysis of transitional bog pine stands of varied age. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Potapov, Aleksei. Effect of hydrological amelioration on Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) radial increment depending on distance to drainage ditch. Supervisors: Maris Hordo, Argo Strantsov.

Pütt, Mario. Aspen wood dynamic and static modulus of elasticity comparison on different moisture levels. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Valdek Tamme.

Roosileht, Mihkel. Ltd. Combimill timber grading line work quality and its evaluation. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Rump, Silver. English oak and red oak height growth analysis. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Salla, Marek. Conditions affecting the numberousness of capercaillie in Estonia. Supervisor: Tiit Randveer.

Sepp, Aapo. Diseases of common juniper (Juniperus communis L.) in Saaremaa. Supervisors: Kalev Adamson, Rein Drenkhan.

Sülla, Mikk. Natural regeneration and production of grey alder (Alnus incana) after clearcut. Supervisors: Jürgen Aosaar, Veiko Uri.

Zupsman, Tanel. The study of relations between density, moisture content and ultrasonic velocity on different moisture levels in the heartwood of pine. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Valdek Tamme.

Tobreluts, Tormi. Black alder dynamic and static modulus of elasticity comparison on different moisture levels. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Valdek Tamme.

Toom, Taavi. Wood-Mizer Double Hard saw blade maintenance. Supervisor: Risto Mitt.

Toomjõe, Teele. The impact of thermal treatment on the speed of ultrasound transmission in wood. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Udam, Jaanus. Regeneration of State Forest Management Centre's pine stands in Suure-Jaani parish between the years 2000-2013. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Vähk, Kaspar. A Comparison of Different Wood Chippers Utilized in Estonia. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.



Annuk, Allvar. Relationship between diameter distribution and spatial characteristics in pine stand. Supervisor: Allan Sims.

Arujõe, Kait. The use of excavators ant their equipment in forestry work (in Ltd. Hanso MK). Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Ermel, Indrek. Storm damage and bark beetles. Supervisor: Kaljo Voolma.

Holts, Allar. Harvester Ponsse Beaver worktime analysis in final felling. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Juks, Taimar. Põlva Forestowners Association - overview of activities. Supervisor: Meelis Teder.

Jõgela, Remo. Combined hardwood plywood as an alternative for birch plywood. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Risto Mitt.

Kalda, Rain. Re-fertilization stand variables of naturally regenerated Silver birch on former agricultural land on the example of Laine cadastral unit. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Kannimäe, Taavi. Early- and latewood intra annual dynamics analysis on Scots pine growth series. Supervisors: Maris Hordo, Ahto Kangur.

Kask, Tõnis. A comparative study about the values and management goals of private forest owners oriented to wood mobilization. Supervisors: Henn Korjus, Priit Põllumäe.

Kikas, Kert. Analysis of registered occupational accidents and job related illnesses in forestry section from 2004-2012. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Konts, Kristjan. The suitability of retention trees for the Ospreys (Pandion haliaetus) nest tree. Supervisor: Raul Rosenvald.

Korsten, Tiido. Natural regeneration of forest inventory and analysis on the example of the Kurunuka cadastrial unit. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Krusenvald, Taavi. Analysis of State Forest Management Centre nature objects visitor numbers. Supervisors: Andres Kiviste, Henn Korjus.

Kullamaa, Madis. Timber resource analysis for request of Vara sawmill. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Kuusemets, Jüri. Overview of forestry and forestry policies in United Kingdom. Supervisor: Meelis Teder.

Köhler, Hendrik. The situation of safety in selected companys in Tartumaa. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Laanpere, Robert. SC forest certification assessment of Järvselja Experimental Forest Center. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Lapitski, Sergei. Tree species composition mapping from medium resolution multispectral satellite images. Supervisor: Mait Lang.

Merdikes, Marten. Growth of hybrid aspen clones. Supervisors: Arvo Tullus, Hardi Tullus.

Mets, Tarvo. Analysis of harvester working time for example Ponsse Ergo. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Milve, Marika. How responsible look Estonian forestry companies? Supervisor: Meelis Teder.

Moora, Hendrik. Trade of wood biomass in Europe. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.

Murumets, Garry. Drying schedules of pine, case study of Nardi type camber dryer. Supervisor: Valdek Tamme.

Nummert, Mihkel. Analysis of local timber resources for Vara Sawmill. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Paisu, Agur. Profiles of private forest owners and their motives for action. Supervisor: Meelis Teder.

Peetermann, Hardo. Efficiency of fences in avoiding game damage in pine plantations. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Rajamäe, Allan. The implementation of electronic forest and timber transport notifications systems in Järvselja Training and Experimental Forest Center. Supervisors: Ahto Kangur, Priit Kask.

Rattassep, Andres. Social aspects of forestry. Supervisor: Meelis Teder.

Saarmets, Tõnis. Factors that influence habitat selection on Capercaillie. Supervisor: Tiit Randveer.

Sooru, Marko. Relationships between pine sapwood density, moisture content and ultrasonic velocity at different moisture levels. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Valdek Tamme.

Tammekivi, Toivo. An analysis of spatial forest structure. Supervisors: Diana Laarmann, Allan Sims.

Tammemäe, Joosep. Forest stand, vegetation and soil relationships based on Estonian network of forest research plots data. Supervisor: Diana Laarmann.

Tammeväli, Siim. The research of the density, moisture content, and ultrasonic velocity of Norwegian spruce sapwood in case of different moisture levels. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Valdek Tamme.

Tominga, Tarmo. An overview of Timber Trucks in Estonia in 2001-2012. Supervisor: Meelis Teder.

Tõnson, Märt. Järvselja Training and Experimental Forest Center activity review 2001-2011. Supervisors: Ahto Kangur, Priit Kask.

Vahi, Silver. Small-scale forwarders and their comparison of traditional forest machines. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Vister, Martti. The research of the density, moisture content, and ultrasonic velocity of Norwegian spruce heartwood in case of different moisture levels. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Valdek Tamme.

Vlassov, Indrek. Pre-fertilization growth analysies of pine plantations on former agricultural land on the example of Laine cadastrial unit. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.



Agarmaa, Mihkel. Overview of The State Forest Management Centre's certification. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Alamäe, Janar. Shelterwood systems in Estonian forests - review of studies and establishment of Järvselja study plot. Supervisor: Raul Rosenvald.

Alatalo, Triin. High forest trees in Järvselja Training and Experimental Forest Center. Supervisor: Eino-Endel Laas.

Birk, Ingmar. Worktime analysis of Timberjack 1270D harvester in meadowsweet deciduous tree stand in final felling. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Elias, Hendrik. Research of timber harvester's efficiency. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Fomotškin, Rivo. Assessment of delayed first thinnings in RMK Võrumaa Forest District. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Heimola, Henri. Enlarging the effectivity of a de-sticker line at Raitwood company. Supervisor: Jaak Pikk.

Himma, Martti. Effective time analyses of logging machines (Timberjack 1070D and Ponsse Ergo), alternative logging methods and machines. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Jürgens, Rait. The production of power line poles and the possibilities of expanding the technology in the company of OÜ Rahel-Puit. Supervisor: Jaak Pikk.

Keir, Kaido. Primary data of the mechanized stump extraction in Estonia. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Kespre, Toomas. Ponsse forestery machines and they use in Estonia. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Kevvai, Aliis. The conformity to the requirements of retention trees in clear cutting areas on the example of Harjumaa. Supervisors: Henn Korjus, Raul Rosenvald.

Kitsing, Dimitri. John Deere harvester efficiency improvement analysis with TimberLinkTM software. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Kraav, Jaan. Biomass production of young vegetatively regenerated hybrid aspen stand. Supervisors: Arvo Tullus, Hardi Tullus.

Kukk, Jürgen. Consumption of wood pellets in Estonia. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.

Kukk, Kadri. Analysis of cooperation between forest ownes based on Vändra FOA. Supervisors: Priit Põllumäe, Kadri-Aija Viik.

Laas, Kristjan. Short rotation willow coppice cultivation and its profitability in Estonia. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Lind, Allar. Overview of freight volumes and logging residues and fuelwood prices of the State Forest Management Centre, Estonia, (RMK) during 2009-2011. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Lääne, Rando. About the Situation of up to 5-year-old Spruce Plantations in Järvselja Training and Experimental Forest Centre. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Morozov, Gunnar. The growth development of curly birch (Betula pendula var. carelica) plantation and its dependence on the conditions of the soil and water regime. Supervisor: Ivar Sibul.

Mumm, Madis. The red deer as a forest damager in Valga and Võru county. Supervisor: Tiit Randveer.

Muzakko, Tamar. A rewiev of cleaning methods in Scots Pine stands in Nordic Countries. Supervisors: Jürgen Aosaar, Mats Varik.

Möll, Heiki. Relative importance of red deer game damages in Pärnu and Viljandi county. Supervisors: Karli Ligi, Tiit Randveer.

Purret, Andre. Factors affecting the production-based export of wood industry enterprises. Supervisor: Paavo Kaimre.

Raid, Katrin-Kai. The situation of safety at work in Tartu county forest and timber industry. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Rebane, Risto. Preliminary PEFC forest certification audit of Järvselja Experimental Forest. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

 Rist, Erik.  Shelterwood method used in Kilingi-Nõmme district pine stands. Supervisor: Hardi Tullus.

 Räst, Kristiina.  Sportingtrack environment condition and result of visitant survey in Elva. Supervisors: Kalle Karoles, Andres Kiviste.

 Soolmann, Erko.  Effects of partial cutting on biota. Supervisor: Raul Rosenvald.

 Strantsov, Sigrid.  The growth development of curly birch (Betula pendula var. carelica) plantation and its dependence on the conditions of the soil and water regime. Supervisor: Ivar Sibul.

 Zuba, Gert.  Possibilities of chemical wood processing. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

 Tenno, Taavi.  Growing of christmas trees as an alternative use of agricultural land. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Tomson, Siim. About the Situation of up to 5-year-old Spruce Plantations in Järvselja Training and Experimental Forest Centre. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Türk, Heido. An overview of red deer damages in Central Europe. Supervisor: Karli Ligi.

Vabamäe, Toomas. Tree spade's principle of operation, potential use and the necessity of it in Estonia. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Viliberg, Koit. High forest trees in Järvselja Training and Experimental Forest Center. Supervisor: Eino-Endel Laas.



Aasver, Tarvo. Forest plantations and their profitability in Estonia. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Annusver, Allar. Bogs inventory results in Põlva county. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Asi, Ants. Modulus of elasticity in tension and tension strength of the pinewood (Pinus sylvestris L.) in Kunda's pollution area. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Epler, Kenno. Physical and mechanical properties of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) on Rhodococcum forest site type. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Golding, Gevo. Analysis of harvester's working time. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Hallikma, Jaak. The influence of understory for harvester productivity based on Karo Mets OÜ. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Hein, Meelis. Pine wood tensile stress depending on site type. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Jõulu, Mihkel. Stand growth and distrubances research with permanent plots and forest management data in Kursi forest district area. Supervisors: Andres Kiviste, Anton Kardakov.

Kabral, Martin. Monitoring in finger jointing line stoppages and investigation of scale dependence of the quality of sawn wood in the wood-processing company AS Palmako. Supervisor: Risto Mitt.

Kaljund, Risto. Pine tree bark thickness dependence from relative height on the data of analysed trees. Supervisors: Allan Sims, Ahto Kangur.

Karro, Kristjan. Drying the blanks of nestboxes made out of roundwood. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Karu, Margus. Measuring accuracy of moisture meters in different levels of wood moisture. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Valdek Tamme.

Kirsimägi, Rain. Physical properties of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) on Rhodococcum forest site type. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Klaar, Keio. The condition of the Forest Drainage Managed bu the State Forest Management Centre in Rapla County. Supervisor: Heino Seemen.

Koger, Lauri. Windthrow damages in Põlva country in 2010. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Koitmaa, Oliver. Tõnu farm forest management plan. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Korjuhin, Rainer. The Study of Harvester`s Working Time Distribution at Final Felling. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Kumar, Taavet. The screw-holding strength in thermowood. Supervisor: Jaak Pikk.

Kurrikoff, Riin. Results of afforestation of abandoned agricultural land with silver birch on the example of Kurika-Andres land unit. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Lani, Lauri. The description of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) singel tree branch oven-dry mass based on the data of analyze trees. Supervisors: Allar Padari, Ahto Kangur.

Leht, Ott. Spruce wood modulus of elasticity in compression strength and Poisson's ratio depending on moisture content of the wood. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Leppik, Rivo. Modulus of elasticity in static pending and pending strength of the pinewood (Pinus sylvestris L.) in Kunda's pollution area. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Luhse, Toomas. Cost-benefit analysis of thinnings with MOTTI software. Supervisors: Henn Korjus, Ando Lilleleht.

Lutter, Reimo. Development of young silver birch plantations on abandoned agricultural land. Supervisors: Hardi Tullus, Arvo Tullus.

Lõhmus, Kaur. An overview of the problems in private forestry and the rating of its profitability in Austria and Finland and the empirical analysis about the subsidies that are paid in Estonia. Supervisor: Meelis Teder.

Mikson, Mikk. Tree retention on clearcutting areas. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Mägi, Roland. Park of Mihkel Rand in Saaremaa. Supervisor: Ivar Sibul.

Mölder, Taavi. Study of disturbances from retrospective analyzing methods based on tree-rings. Supervisor: Maris Hordo.

Ojaperv, Reno. The strength of the sprucewood in Kunda's poluution area. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Paiso, Aigar. AS Palmako final product assembly inhibitators analysis. Supervisor: Mats Varik.

Paju, Teet. Game farming in Estonia. Supervisor: Tiit Randveer.

Palo, Taavi. Forest renewal results with pine in RMK Võru county forest district in the period 2000-2005. Supervisor: Hardi Tullus.

Pari, Samo. Forwarder working time analysis. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Paulus, Mario. Modulus of elasticity in static bending of Scots pine on bilberry and cowberry forest site types. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Pikkur, Sander. Relationships btween radial growth of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst) and climate variables. Supervisors: Andres Kiviste, Maris Hordo.

Poljakov, Ahto. Forest management notification system in Estonia. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Pruus, Peeter. Retention trees and edge effect influence on clear-cut bird communities. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Põldoja, Erki. The comparison of harvesters based on the example of The State Forest Management Centre. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Ristioja, Teet. Fertilization effect to pine wood end-grain hardness. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Roosik, Rando. Timber harvesting equipments for Farm tractors and their producers in Estonia. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Samsonov, Marti. Comparison of strength characteristics of the wood of standing dead pine and living pine. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Schmidt, Meelis. Riga Tex plywood physical and mechanical properties. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Sild, Björn. Timber trucktransport in Estonia. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Simmul, Tauri. Forest fires in Estonia. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Sisask, Silver. A simplified method for assessing carbon stock in peat soils. Supervisors: Veiko Uri, Andres Jäärats.

Solonin, Deniss. Financial analysis of economic activity on the example of Reola Liimpuit. Supervisor: Meelis Teder.

Sopp, Reeno. Growth of hybrid aspen and silver birch in the Free Air Humidity Manipulation (FAHM) experimental area. Supervisors: Arvo Tullus, Hardi Tullus.

Tael, Kati. A survey on the satisfaction with the advisory services offered by the Private Forest Centre foundation. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Tamm, Jürgen. Outbreaks of the great web-spinning pine-sawfly (Acantholyda posticalis) in pine forests. Supervisor: Kaljo Voolma.

Tirmaste, Marvin. Harvest event analyze for describing stand development in naturally regenerated stands. Supervisor: Ahto Kangur.

Toomas, Tiit. Is logging in Estonia state forest sustainable? Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Vaan, Ott. Woodchips using to producing electricity and term. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.

Veelak, Sten. Technical and technical-economic indicators of chainsaws. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Veelak, Steven. Small scale equipment for logging. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Vija, Cristjan. Dust pollution effect on spruce wood (Picea abies L.) ringwidth growth and latewidth percentage. Supervisor: Regino Kask.



Aavik, Lauri. Natural agents for timber preservation. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Adoberg, Ardo. Forest road reconstruction in Alutaguse forest district. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Eelsalu, Edvard. Factors that affect pruning of young hybrid aspens. Supervisors: Arvo Tullus, Hardi Tullus.

Hellenurm, Erik. The forests in Tartu county. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Hänin, Mailis. Red heartwood of birch. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Juhkam, Mehis. Timber protection substances used to protect thermowood. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Kaasik, Fredi. Forest damages caused by games in Estonia through the years. Supervisor: Tiit Randveer.

Kannel, Margit. Overview of management and production in the State Forest Management Centre nursery of Räpina. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Käo, Rasmus. Woodland key habitats in RMK Ilumetsa forests. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Kübar, Ott. The strength of the pinewood in Kunda's pollution area. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Laprik, Roland. Sawtimber comparison in planing industry according to OÜ Puidukoda data. Supervisor: Risto Mitt.

Lehiste, Marianne. Afforestation of agricultural lands in example hybrid aspen and silver birch. Supervisor: Hardi Tullus.

Liivamägi, Anar. Metsis as forest equipment producer. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Lind, Arvo. Comparing of harvester measurements with and stand description data in Estonian State Forest Management Centre Halliku-Laiuse forest. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Linnamägi, Märt. Christmas tree quality and quality assessment opportunities. Supervisor: Risto Sirgmets.

Lokko, Siim. Managing of aspen woods on the example of a test plot in forest block 243 in Järvselja Study and Research Forest District. Supervisor: Hardi Tullus.

Looga, Olav. Estonian sampling areas of global forest resources assessment FRA 2010 based on digital maps. Supervisor: Mait Lang.

Luik, Allar. Cultivated stands of Pedunculate oak in south-eastern Estonia. Supervisor: Eino-Endel Laas.

Luts, Rando. Moisture effects to screw gripping strength in particle board. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Oja, Joonas. Analysis of growth in Norway spruce test culture to using containerised- and bare-rooted plants. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Oolo, Martin. Viljandi county forests. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Paimets, Siim. Physical property differences between silver birch with and without red heart. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Park, Argo. Plywood's strength by different times of production process. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Poderat, Keiu. Re-measurement of aspen growth parameters in Mäelätte cadastral unit and comparison of results to forest management plan. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Põhja, Joel. Tyres, chains and tracks of forestry machinery. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Rand, Alo. Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) glue connection strength depending on moisture. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Raudsepp, Märt. Caterpillar forest machines. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Reiljan, Janar. Harvester felling heads. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Saar, Riho. Adhesive connection strength on particleboard depending on moisture content. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Salujõe, Heidi. Drainage in Kõrveniidu land unit and its effect to the forest growth. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Samoškin, Sergei. Woody roof cover materials. Supervisor: Jaak Pikk.

Sarapu, Piret. Forests of Ramsar protected areas and nature tourism. Supervisor: Hardi Tullus.

Sepp, Stellan. Influence of differencing the second layer on the characteristics of the first layer. Supervisor: Allan Sims.

Sutt, Lauri. Viability and growth of scots pine test cultures on the comparison of containerised and bare-rooted plants. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Tagel, Tanel. The natural oils influence to Scots pine hardness. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Tukk, Margus. Metsäliitto Eesti AS paper timber exports in 2003-2009. Supervisor: Meelis Teder.

Vahi, Renald. Rottne forest machines. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Valb, Kaupo. The use of forest trailers in Estonia. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Vokk, Kadri. The importance of Merimetsa forest to the residents (Tallinn`s residents). Supervisor: Heldur Sander.

Võsu, Ain. Sustainable forest management research in the Järvselja Study and Test Forest District. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Õun, Sven. Analysis of stoniness and tree growth on abandoned oil shale quarries in Sirgala. Supervisors: Diana Laarmann, Allan Sims.



Akkatus, Irina. Changes in state forest management by the example of Vahastu forest district in 1988-2008. Supervisor: Toivo Meikar.

Andres, Olavi. Moose browsing in young hybrid aspen stands. Supervisors: Arvo Tullus, Hardi Tullus.

Aro, Tõnis. Improvement cuttings in grey alder stands based on trial ground located in Järvselja. Supervisor: Hardi Tullus.

Arumäe, Tauri. Leaf area index studying methods. Supervisor: Mait Lang.

Becker, Hardo. Fertilization effect to pine wood ringwidth growth and latewidth percentages. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Erm, Ove. Market research of Finnish timberhouse market 2001-2007. Supervisor: Andres Uus.

Fjodorov, Anton. Woodfuel as a source of alternative energy in Estonia. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Hioväin, Heikki. European Beaver in per Estonia Laheda Jahiselts example. Supervisor: Tiit Randveer.

Hirs, Marek. Preciseness and effectiveness of determining the volume of stacked roundwood from digital photographs. Supervisor: Jüri Järvis.

Ilisson, Ingmar. Improvement cutting in birch grove on the example of Järvselja area 57. Supervisor: Hardi Tullus.

Ilves, Ahti. Clear-cut technology and history in Estonia. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Irdla, Marek. Woodchips manufacturing and marketing in SLG Energy OÜ. Supervisor: Meelis Teder.

Junkin, Lauri. A comparison of Scots pine height growth in different forest generations. Supervisors: Ahto Kangur, Allan Sims.

Jürgenstein, Siiri. Results of fertilizing a drained bog in the Tähtvere experimental area. Supervisor: Heino Seemen.

Kajaste, Taavi. The growth of European and Japanese larch on Ida-Virumaa exhausted oil shale opencast mines on the basis of Viivikonna permanent sample plot VK05 data. Supervisor: Andres Kiviste.

Kaldoja, Kalle. Forest machines working time and analysis of the efficiency. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Kall, Meelis. The environmental impacts of uprooting the stumps. Supervisor: Veiko Uri.

Kallion, Karl. The development of PEFC certificate in Estonia. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Kalmet, Aivo. Analysis of measurement results of timber control measures of Estonian State Forest Management Centre. Supervisor: Allar Padari.

Karulaas, Mihkel. Wood preservation. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Kasemets, Valmar. Increment felling in spruce forests of goutweed site type. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Killing, August. Forest cultivation formation of Norway spruce (Picea abies) and Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) with different types of roots. Juhendaja: SupervisorJäärats.

Koger, Kristjan. Plywood and nails in plywood. Juhendaja: SupervisorKask.

Kollom, Manuela. Disturbances in forested ecosystems: description of an effect to boreal and boreonemoral forests. Supervisor: Ahto Kangur.

Kondratjev, Anton. Great spruce bark beatle (Dendroctonus micans Kug.) in the UK. Supervisor: Kaljo Voolma.

Kõomägi, Ivar. Estonian log cabin market analysis. Supervisor: Andres Uus.

Käo, Marek. Sampo Rosenlew harvesters. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Kütt, Kristo. Ecoturism in Saaremaa on example of Miku forest park. Supervisors: Henn Korjus, Maarika Toomel.

Laes, Rainar. Seasonality in planed timber marketing in PLC RAIT. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.

Lehtme, Teet. Producing wood chips from slash. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Lehtse, Asko. The role of financial support in directing the forest activities of forest owners. Supervisor: Paavo Kaimre.

Leppik, Ranet. Biometrical analysis of forest planting stock of different root systems. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Maidre, Allan. Building of forest roads. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Müür, Maik. Impact of heating on wood hardness. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Nilson, Priit. An analysis of taper curve for Scots pine: a comparison of analysis trees and the stem constituent of Ozolinš. Supervisors: Ahto Kangur, Allan Sims.

Otsa, Marianna. Weimer forest machinery manufacturing in Estonia. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Palm, Argo. Linking of the historical forest management data in Järvselja with the basic map of Estonia. Supervisor: Mait Lang.

Parkala, Heigo. Regeneration of forests and reforestation in 1998-2006. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Pau, Peeter. Forest legal rule`s violation dynamics in the years 1998-2008 in Põlvamaa. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Ratassepp, Ain. Timber transport in State Forest Management Centre. Supervisor: Meelis Teder.

Reisenbuk, Indrek. Valmet forestry machinery. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Rooste, Andro. Timber trucks entity and usage in Estonia. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Salumäe, Sass. Effects of long-term drainage in urman at Tähtvere trials. Supervisor: Heino Seemen.

Sukamägi, Alari. The production and fasteners holding power of plywood. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Sutt, Oliver. MDF and gripping strength of screws in MDF. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Zereen, Oliver. The opportunities to identify weak disconcertions in forests using satellite pictures. Supervisor: Mait Lang.

Tamberg, Mikk. The growth and condition of conifers in Söe arboretum. Supervisor: Eino-Endel Laas.

Taremaa, Taavi. Development of forest deforestation- and exportation machines. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Tigane, Tagmar. Wildlife use for recreation in Haanja county. Supervisor: Eino-Endel Laas.

Tõnisson, Tõnis. Cost benefit analysis in forest management illustrated by Männastiku forest holding. Supervisor: Meelis Teder.

Uuk, Siim. Wood briquette, it`s manufacturing technology and main properties. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Vahtra, Tanel. Logset forestry machinery in Estonia. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Valdna, Kardo. Growing and using forest planting stock during 1998-2007 in Estonia. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Vendla, Vahur. Wooden roofs and their manufacturers in Estonia. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Villako, Peeter. Thinning in pine forests, on the example of Järvselja area 275. Supervisor: Hardi Tullus.



Aasamets, Pille. Tax relieves implemented to protect and sustain nature environment and their possible implementation in Estonia. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Alaver, Simo. Husqvarna as forestfellingwork accoutrements manufacturer and its technological peculiarity. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Aljaste, Arvo. Causes of oak decline (Quercus robur L.). Supervisor: Kaljo Voolma.

Andrianov, Aleksei. Changes of Estonian growing stock and timber on the market since 1990-ies. Supervisor: Meelis Teder.

Ani, Marko. The upgrade of production line in LLC FriPuit. Supervisor: Jaak Pikk.

Gulov, Igor. Types of bushwood mowers and their using. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Hannus, Ain-Meelis. Management planning of state forests in Estonia. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Hunt, Romek. Using computer simulation programs to evaluate sawing patterns yield on Paikuse sawmill example. Supervisor: Jaak Pikk.

Isand, Urmas. The transformation of forest land for real estate development in Pärnu County. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Jõesaar, Indrek. Horselogging. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Jõks, Kristjan. Utilization of farm tractors and their accessories in forest harvesting. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Kannistu, Sven. Plywood types and quality. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Kask, Terje. Different forest innovation capabilities of Scots pine cultivation. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Kingla, Illa. The renewing of fen and transitional mire clearing in Laeva forest range. Supervisor: Heino Seemen.

Kingumets, Krista. Subsidies for private forestry. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Klein, Kristiina. Situation of the containerized plants on the Orthodox Church of Estonia clearings, planted in 2007. Supervisor: Heino Seemen.

Kons, Katrin. Climate changes and forestry. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Kutsar, Andres. Pruning in spruce stands planted on agricultural areas. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Lass, Silver. The global energy crisis and forestry. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Lehiste, Riivo. The radial growth relations with climate conditions of pine stands on islands of the western Estonia. Supervisor: Henn Pärn.

Lilleleht, Ando. Management planning of private forests in Estonia. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Link, Mikk. The condition of Norway spruce cultivation of ages up to ten years and recommendations for further managing practices in Järvselja Training and Experimental Forest District. Supervisor: Tarmo Vahter.

Malken, Karl. Overview of factors which influence sawtimber quality. Supervisor: Risto Mitt.

Mardo, Tarvo. Estonian forest industry development and affected factors since re-independence. Supervisor: Meelis Teder.

Matkamäe, Meelis. Oriented Strand Board's (OSB) and Durelis /Populair's dependence of physical and mechanical properties-comparison and analyse. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Nurk, Viljar. Forestry problems in Spain. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Olev, Marek. Cultivating agricultural lands, problems and solutions. Supervisor: Heino Seemen.

Ots, Rainart. Forest certification in Estonia - state of the art and prospective. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Otsa, Heigo. The production of wooden windows in Ltd Glaskek Tartu. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Ott, Mart. Factors that influence wood supply in private forests. Supervisor: Meelis Teder.

Paesalu, Margus. An overview of drainage and afforestation experiments in peat bogs of Estonia. Supervisor: Heino Seemen.

Piirmann, Tarmo. The effect of pine's root material on the culture's growth in blueberry habitat in Võru forest district. Supervisor: Heino Seemen.

Põllumäe, Priit. The results of applying various seeding methods for growing Norway spruce in Reiu local nursery. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Põlluäär, Peep. The production of square log houses in Sandla Puit LLC. Supervisor: Jaak Pikk.

Põvvat, Meelis. John Deere (Timberjack) harvesters in Estonia. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Rohtjärv, Diana. Recultivation in exhausted peatland by way of example of peatland Keressaare. Supervisor: Heino Seemen.

Rool, Siim. Mapping of forests that were undisturbed in Kärdla and Putkaste forest districts within a time period covered by Landsat Thematic Mapper satellite images. Supervisor: Urmas Peterson.

Rämonen, Rain. The impact of global warming to the dendrophilial alien species. Supervisor: Kaljo Voolma.

Sikemäe, Ott. Basic properties of thermowood. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Sild, Rivo. Regeneration of spruce, the assistance to the natural renewing and cultivating spruce in Pikknurme forest district. Supervisor: Heino Seemen.

Strantsov, Argo. Results of draining in peatland forests in territory of former Vanaveski district experimental area in 1972/73. Supervisor: Heino Seemen.

Tammi, Tarmo. Tree mortality analysis at former Kursi Forest District. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Tarto, Janek. Overview of wood residues from saw- and plywood industry and its value-added utilization. Supervisor: Risto Mitt.

Tekko, Indrek. The populations of reo deer (Capreolus capreolus) and damages to conifer cultivation in Taali forest district. Supervisor: Tiit Randveer.

Tilk, Erle. Fellings in The Republic of Estonia. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Treima, Miriam. Situation of the containerized plants on the Orthodox Church of Estonia clearings, planted in 2007. Supervisor: Heino Seemen.

Tuvikene, Tenny. Estonian forestry development plan until 2010 and forest policy implications. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Täkker, Endrik. Producing and utilizing wood chips. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Vassar, Andres. Linear spectral mixture research by determine the stand formula. Supervisor: Mait Lang.

Viirlo, Orvo. OSB board and screws in paricleboard. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Vinni, Marko. Animals damage in RMK North-East region. Supervisor: Tiit Randveer.

Viljak, Martin. Timberjack (John Deere) forwarders in Estonia and their use. Supervisor: Vahur Kurvits.

Võhma, Illar. Growing pine cultures at cowberry growth place type in Kihelkonna forest district. Supervisor: Heino Seemen.