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Civil Engineering (Rural Building)
















Antsmäe, Allan. Study of mechanical and physical properties of Ekopanely straw boards. Supervisors: Martti-Jaan Miljan, Vello Pallav.

Grigorov, Aleksander. Investigation of flexural strength and deflection of concrete lintels reinforced with fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) bars. Supervisor: Alexander Ryabchikov.

Heinleht, Kristjan. Research of heat and humidity conditions of woodenframe panels on an example building. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Karu, Ott. Investigation of behaviour of bridge deck models made of wedge-shaped cross-section timber lamellae under multi-cycle loading. Supervisors: Renno Reitsnik, Tõnis Teppand.

Kaseleht, Hardi. Energy efficiency of khrushchyovkas and renovating possibilities to nearly zero-energy buildings. Supervisor: Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Kiisel, Andreas. Analysis of the condition of wooden structures in the building and restoration solutions at Valga Riia Street 5. Supervisor: Jaan Miljan.

Krumm, Marger. The investigation of physical-mechanical properties of clay boards. Supervisors: Johanna Liblik, Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Kütt, Mikk. Technical situation and possibilities of renovating timber framework houses built in Estonia after regained independence (1991-2007). Supervisors: Martti-Jaan Miljan, Matis Miljan.

Melnikov, Klaid. Using recycled crushed glass as coarse aggregate for concrete and its influence on compression strength. Supervisor: Vello Pallav.

Minjakov, Artur. The evaluation of technical situation in pigsties to be reconstructed and comparison of prices of new and reconstructed fattening pigsties. Supervisor: Jaan Miljan.

Mirsalajev, Rauf. Technical situation of timber frame dwellings built during the first republic of Estonia (1918-1940) and possibilities for renovating. Supervisors: Martti-Jaan Miljan, Matis Miljan.

Oja, Tanel. Analysis of design and production of prefabricated timber frame elements based on Oodi (new Central Library in Helsinki). Supervisor: Tõnis Teppand.

Raud, Kristjan. Assessment of temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide content of renovated apartment buildings in Tartu. Supervisor: Mihkel Kiviste.

Rebane, Mikk. The assessment of the technical condition of the Reisberg farm and creating the renovation solutions for residential building with analysis of its cost. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Russak, Joosep. The assessment of the technical condition of the Reisberg farm and creating the renovation solutions for residential building with analysis of its cost. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Saarepuu, Jaanus. Renovation of reinforced concrete ceiling. Supervisor: Jaan Miljan.

Samun, Evely. Cost-based analyse of different reservoirs construction solutions - a project based approach. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Sein, Rando. Changes in the documentation of construction and its impact to the execution and quality of construction. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Sepp, Kevin. Changes of construction law and its influence on built environment. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Telling, Renar. Changes of selected mechanical and physical characteristics in OSB/3-boards after small number of aging periods. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Harri Lille.

Tomson, Henn. Technical situation of wooden frame buildings built during the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic (1940-1991) and possibilities for renovating. Supervisors: Martti-Jaan Miljan, Matis Miljan.



Allvee, Indrek. The Significance of Facility Maintenance Documentation in the Context of Construction Law (Based on the Experience of Construction Firm Vilcon Ltd) - Hopes of the Building's Owner. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Hirschon, Hindrek. Thermal analysis of the residential envelope built with structural insulated panels (SIPs) and comparison of results to the stick frame construction. Supervisor: Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Jallai, Karry. Analysis of strength properties of steel rebar in various environments. Supervisor: Vello Pallav.

Karja, Ken. Effect of surface treatments on concrete durability in an aggressive environment. Supervisor: Jaan Miljan.

Kullamaa, Liis. Cyclic loading test for analysing deflections and permanent deformations of bridge deck models made of wedge-shaped cross-sectional lumber lamellae. SupervisorTeppand.

Leimann, Markko. Baer's house (Tartu city, Veski street 4) 3D modelling; evaluation of condition of construction engineering and renovation solutions offering. Supervisor: Tõnis Teppand.

Loo, Alar. Retrospective review and analysis of current construction cost estimation with reordering of the cost classifier (EVS 885) - general contractors approach. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Luhtaru, Genno Geven. Analysing Strength Properties of Concentrically Positioned Glulam Bars Made out of Various Species of Timber Lamellas for Usage in Timber Gridshells. Supervisor: Tõnis Teppand.

Maask, Henry. Deflection of concrete beams reinforced with glass fiber polymer bars. Supervisor: Alexander Ryabchikov.

Müür, Mart. Examination of glued thin webbed box beams. Supervisor: Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Nazarenko, Sergei. The influence of aggregates to the frost resistance and compression strength of concrete. Supervisor: Vello Pallav.

Olm, Triinu. Investigation of Building Physics Parameters of Timber Frame Wall Elements in Multistorey Buildings. Supervisor: Marko Teder.

Park, Hendrik. Common Data Environment for Project Delivery - Information Technology Perspective. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Peedosaar, Kristo. Analysing Strength Properties of Concentrically Positioned Glulam Bars Made out of Various Species of Timber Lamellas for Usage in Timber Gridshells. Supervisor: Tõnis Teppand.

Raukas, Andreas. Analysis of construction project management culture in Estonian society. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Reigo, Valdor. Screw withdrawal resistance in OSB/3 board after soaking and oven-drying periods. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Harri Lille.

Tamm, Renee. Physical and mechanical characteristics of OSB/3-boards after repetitive soaking and oven-drying. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Harri Lille.

Truuts, Tauno. Investigation of adhesion strength between steel fibre and concrete. Supervisor: Alexander Ryabchikov.

Turja, Ivar. Investigation of flexural strength of post fire concrete beams reinforced with glass fibre polymer bars. Supervisor: Alexander Ryabchikov.

Vels, Senni. Influence of epoxy resin to physico-mechanical properties of softwood. Supervisor: Marko Teder



Aamisepp, Arno. Assessment of Kostivere manor's servants' house and technical solutions for restoration project. Supervisor: Marko Teder.

Allikmäe, Rain. The exploitation and construction technology of straw-bale insulated timber-framed buildings. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Bergmann, Guido. Saare manor's stables and coach building's engineering solutions for conservation. Supervisor: Marko Teder.

Esko, Liisa. Knowledge based engineering: nearly zero-energy apartment building in Tartu, Estonia. Supervisors: Martti-Jaan Miljan, Jüri Org.

Goroško, Jakob. Experimental determination of bearing capacity of composite timber and concrete wall element "TimBet". Supervisors: Vello Pallav, Jaak Valgur.

Juurikas, Jüri. The reasearch of vacuum insulation panels properties with comparison method. Supervisor: Tõnis Teppand.

Jõgis, Tarko. Investigation of interaction of vertical and horizontal loads in testing the wedge pile model. Supervisors: Villu Leppik, Mait Mets.

Jürgenson, Andres. The exploitation and construction technology of straw-bale insulated timber-framed buildings. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Jürissaar, Kaarel. Investigation of timber in pile foundations of cultural heritage valued buildings. Supervisor: Vello Pallav.

Kangur, Kuido. Investigation of behaviour and bearing capacity of short helical piles. Supervisors: Villu Leppik, Mait Mets.

Karu, Kristo. Behaviour and tensile load-capacity of inclined steel and helical piles. Supervisors: Villu Leppik, Mait Mets.

Linde, Meelis. Horizontal bearing capacity of wedge shaped piles. Supervisors: Villu Leppik, Roomelt Needo.

Melk, Villu. The experiments of timber connections connected with toothed dowels. Supervisor: Marko Teder.

Nurme, Peep. Strength tests of different wood species glulam bars and modelling a mountable gridshell from them. Supervisor: Tõnis Teppand.

Pappel, Denis. Studying characteristics of thermal insulation materials from industrial hemp. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Plado, Mats. Construction quality assurance plan for prime contractors. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Reinhold, Gerta. Renovation, restoration and reconstruction in an area of cultural and environmental value: potential solutions using the building A. Kitzbergi 1. Supervisors: Vello Pallav, Kaarel Sahk.

Seemen, Aare. The problems regarding the building commissioning process. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Tamm, Taavet. Investigating the strength properties of glue laminated timber made of grey alder. Supervisor: Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Tohvri, Joosep. Relation amongst resistance micro-drilling to density and compression stresses perpendicular to the grain of softwood. Supervisor: Marko Teder.

Vaine, Heinar. Measurements of stress wave time and resistance micro-drilling in decayed structural timber. Supervisor: Marko Teder.

Vernik, Uku. The technical condition of Herne 36 residential building. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Vitsut, Mihkel. Assessment of the technical situation in brick and block dwellinghouses and measurements of inner climate in apartments before the renovation. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Martti-Jaan Miljan.



Hein, Rauno. The experiments of timber beams connected with oak plate dowels. Supervisor: Marko Teder.

Kangro, Ander. Investigation of effect of fibres and chemical additives on shrinkage of concrete. Supervisors: Renno Reitsnik, Alexander Ryabchikov.

Karja, Peeter. Analysis of concrete mixtures in acidic and waterlogged environment according to strength and exposure class. Supervisor: Jaan Miljan.

Kirsiaed, Ivo. Construction quality assurance guide for small companies in Estonia. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Kruus, Silver. Variation in physical and mechanical properties of exterior birch plywood after soaking and oven-drying cycles. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Harri Lille.

Kuiv, Kuido. Using possibilities of textile waste as insulation material in construction. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Kümnik, Kaarel. Analysis of concrete mixtures in acidic and waterlogged environment according to strength and exposure class. Supervisor: Jaan Miljan.

Leetjõe, Meelis. The state estimation of the Ahja river water-mills and the Roti water-mill building complex and the renovation proposals. Supervisor: Vello Pallav.

Lindpere, Mart. Investigation of mechanical properties of fibre-reinforced concrete slabs. Supervisor: Alexander Ryabchikov.

Lutter, Karli. Comparative analysis of the stable complex with technical solutions. Supervisor: Tõnis Teppand.

Pettai, Mikk. Giving the new output to Haage Agro OÜ dairy farm first corps - comparative analysis of reconstruction and construction of the new building. Supervisor: Jaan Miljan.

Teor, Mihkel. Embodied energy of building materials and structures. Supervisor: Jaan Miljan.

Timma, Tõnu. Investigation of bond strength of glass fiber reinforced polymer bars on direct pullout. Supervisor: Alexander Ryabchikov.

Udras, Sten-Maikel. The impact of shape and properties of steel fibres on the flexural strength of fibre reinforced concrete elements. Supervisor: Alexander Ryabchikov.

Vizel, Julia. Energy efficiency in Väätsa retirement home - the role of monitoring in analysis and proposed model for energy optimization. Supervisors: Martti-Jaan Miljan, Jüri Org.



Anslan, Kristo. Studying the properties of industrial hemp and its usability in construction. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Aren, Rainer. Mechanical properties of fibre-reinforced concrete and application in construction. Supervisors: Renno Reitsnik, Alexander Ryabchikov.

Jõgiaas, Aivo. Displacements of the timber I-beams placed under edge beams of the floor panels. Supervisor: Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Kalavus, Ott. Erinevate konstruktsioonitüüpidega üksikelamute elukaare energiamahukuse analüüs. Supervisors: Kristina Akermann, Kaarel Sahk.

Kapp, Ragnar. Investigation of timber beams with holes. Supervisor: Villu Leppik.

Margna, Külliki. Research on the former wooden roof trusses of Tartu market hall. Supervisor: Marko Teder.

Mölder, Joosep. Influence of number of layers on embedment strength of dowel connections for glulam and cross-laminated timber. Supervisors: Marko Teder, Eero Tuhkanen.

Naaber, Lauri. Tartu Veski street 6 roof constructions and rainwater systems, review, analysis and renovation solutions. Supervisor: Vello Pallav.

Neeme, Tiit. Ceilings solutions and comparison for residential building. Supervisors: Villu Leppik, Ragnar Pabort.

Nestor, Maili. Analyses of building structures at Rakvere College of Tallinn University and technical thermal solutions according to heritage protection requirements. Supervisor: Tõnis Teppand.

Nõmme, Ergo. Investigation of used lumber with nondestructive and destructive methods. Supervisor: Marko Teder.

Palm, Ingemar. Construction work quality regulations. Influences of construction firm and project. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Persidski, Rauno. Analysis of chloride resistance of reinforced concrete by strenght class and admixture. Supervisor: Jaan Miljan.

Pihlapson, Peep. Testing and analysis of timber-metal lattice griders and timber-concrete composite wall panels. Supervisor: Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Randman, Priit. Engineering solution of bearing structures for reconstruction project of Kolga manor's distillery. Supervisor: Marko Teder.

Seppet, Joonas. The investigation of physical-mechanical properties of three-layered cross laminated timber. Supervisor: Marko Teder.

Smoljakova, Kätlin. Cellulose fibers and its properties and using for the envelope insulation. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Teder, Triina. Modelling a gridshell of solid timber and examining its behaviour under the load test. Supervisor: Tõnis Teppand.

Teidla, Riho. Experimental investigation of flexural and shear strength of steel rods and steel fibre reinforced concrete lintels. Supervisors: Martti-Jaan Miljan, Alexander Ryabchikov, Jaak Valgur.

Tulik, Silver. Experimental investigation of flexural and shear strength of steel rods and steel fibre reinforced concrete lintels. Supervisors: Martti-Jaan Miljan, Alexander Ryabchikov, Jaak Valgur.

Turk, Tauri. Modeling of the translational shells of wood-based lamellae and their model tests. Supervisor: Tõnis Teppand.

Valge, Ivo. Investigation of stress wave transmission time perpendicular to grain in some softwoods and hardwoods grown in Estonia. Supervisor: Marko Teder.

Veski, Jane. Cost-optimal insulation thickness in wooden structures. Supervisor: Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Ütsik, Lauri. Investigation of spruce (Picea abies) and pine (Pinus sylvestris) structural timber with different strength grading method. Supervisor: Marko Teder.



Alles, Peeter. Problems arising from the corrosion of the front wall metal constructions of commercial ports' wharves, and offering solutions on the example of Muuga Harbor`s wharf No 7. Supervisors: Villu Leppik, Kaarel Sahk.

Antsov, Peeter. Air leakage reduction in construction wall and floor joint to ensure radon safety. Supervisors:Targo Kalamees, Kaarel Sahk.

Hani, Mirko. Investigation of strength properties of spruce (Picea abies) and pine (Pinus sylvestris) determined by acoustic non-destructive and destructive methods. Supervisor: Marko Teder.

Jakobson, Reimo. Problems and possible solutions of renovating HVAC, water supply and sewage systems in old buildings on the basis of three case studies. Supervisor: Tõnis Teppand.

Jõgi, Martin. Investigation of mechanical properties of glass fiber rebar reinforced lintels. Supervisor: Alexander Ryabchikov.

Kallau, Siim. Impact of wetting and drying cycles on mechanical and physical properties of oriented strand board depending on the cycle count. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Harri Lille.

Kasepuu, Kaido. Effect of plywood soaking and drying cycles on mechanical and physical properties. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Harri Lille.

Klaus, Tarmo. Contemporary stabilized insulated rammed earth wall. Supervisors: Tarmo Needo, Vello Pallav.

Korsar, Taavi. Investigation of strength properties of black alder (Alnus glutinosa) and aspen (Populus tremula) determined by non-destructive and destructive method. Supervisor: Marko Teder.

Kukk, Villu. Factors and dynamics of construction budget management in case of building renovation (reconstruction, restoration, building expansion). Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Kull, Kaspar. Possibilities for reinforcing damaged wooden constructions. Supervisors: Martti- Jaan Miljan, Matis Miljan.

Kull, Tõnis. The bearing capacity of piled raft. Supervisors: Villu Leppik, Mait Mets.

Lõhmus, Reino. Planning of development potential of a medium-sized construction company through the assessment of the relationship between the general contractor and subcontractor (using the example of AS Paide MEK). Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Muhhin, Aleksandr. Comparison of cost of different ceiling and roof structures on office building. Supervisor: Jaak Valgur.

Otterklau, Rein. Academic education and profession of civil engineering. A modern approach. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Paumets, Olari. The comparison of monolith and montage construction types on the basis of construction site Mikonkatu 11. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Perova, Oksana. Comparison of envelope constructions and energy consumption in two-storey residential passive house. Supervisor: Tõnis Teppand.

Purret, Marko. Linking technical condition of the building renovation and refurbishment costs of the feasibility study. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Roop, Grete. Experimental tests on triple layered cross-laminated timber and comparison with theoretical results. Supervisors: Laur Lõvi, Marko Teder.

Tamberg, Indrek. Reconstruction of an existing dairy farm versus building a new dairy. Supervisor: Tõnis Teppand.

Tõsjatšnikov, Alvian. The development of solution for dairy with optimal typological-constructional suitable type for the small manufacture on the basis of dairy assigned for educational purposes to the Märja experimental farm. Supervisors: Vilma Tatar, Tõnis Teppand.

Vaher, Martin. Geogrid and its usability as a substitute for steel reinforcement in concrete. Supervisor: Vello Pallav.

Veri, Virgo. Thermal properties of growing plants in PRIA growing support areas. Supervisor: Tõnis Teppand.



Asper, Jane. Research of thermal properties of spray-applied polyurethane insulations. Supervisors: Vello Pallav, Tõnis Teppand.

Burm, Peter. Anchoring carrying constructions of spires of Estonian churches. Supervisor: Tõnis Teppand.

Eiche, Marko. Integrity of structural timber of Vana-Nursi manor house and offer solutions for renovation. Supervisors: Matis Miljan, Vello Pallav.

Elbrecht, Kaarel. The analysis of building`s outer boundaries, methods of elimination and solutions for reconstruction based on Linna küla swimming pool. Supervisor: Tõnis Teppand.

Hiiemäe, Henno. Finding and analyzing building energy efficiency of four different numbers. Supervisor: Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Kirotar, Priit. The analysis of moisture in glass wool insulation inside brick wall. Supervisor: Kadri Keskküla.

Koha, Taavi. Legal and practical bases for the development of owner supervision. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Kosenkranius, Ivo. Comparison of different structural possibilities of two-storey building and structural design. Supervisor: Tõnis Teppand.

Kähr, Priit. Research on the Noise Level Arising from Ventilation Systems through the Example of School Building Kreutzwaldi 56. Supervisor: Vello Pallav.

Liivlaid, Henri. Aggregates for lightweight concrete. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Mõru, Kaspar. Modern construction project management. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Otsus, Marko. Testing and analysis of posi-joists and timber-concrete compositepanels. Supervisors: Martti-Jaan Miljan, Kaur Riives.

Pajanen, Sander. Matsalu manor`s roof bearing structure engineering solutions to resolve the probleem areas. Supervisors: Kaarel Sahk, Marko Teder.

Pehk, Kristjan. Polymer reinforcement rebar use as an alternative to steel reinforcement rebar. Supervisor: Jaan Miljan.

Pärtelpoeg, Cleelia. Thermophysical- and heating problems and possible solutions for Kambja church. Supervisor: Tõnis Teppand.

Saar, Lauri. A study of the thermo-technological characteristics of the outer boundaries and indoor climate of straw bale houses. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Švõrov, Aleksei. The impacts of using industrial and natural construction materials to embodied energy of a building. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Rainer Põvvat.

Sõber, Siim. Hydro-thermal state and air flow changings on attics of houses with thatched roofs. Supervisors: Meeli Kams, Karel Lilleste.

Tõnnov, Marti. House built from natural materials indoor climate investigation. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Uus, Andres. The hygrothermal performance of internally insulated logwall and air leakage of corners. Supervisors: Targo Kalamees, Marko Teder.

Vassiljev, Andrei. Investigation of mechanical properties of steel fibre reinforced concrete elements. Supervisor: Alexander Ryabchikov.

Vidder, Rainer. Finding optimal additional floor solution for commercial buildings. Supervisors: Ragnar Pabort, Lilian-Hanna Taimla.



Hanson, Märt. Analysis of steel fiber reinforced concrete residual flexural tensile strength values with different fiber contents. Supervisor: Alexander Ryabchikov.

Hääl, Kaarel. The research of thermal characteristics of industrial insulation materials. Supervisor: Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Kaen, Kermo. Structural condition assessment of timber structures of churches in coastal region and islands of Estonia. Supervisors: Kalle Pilt, Marko Teder.

Kallas, Jaanus. Different reconstruction benchmarks, based on examples of apartment building Raatuse 49. Supervisor: Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Kolnes, Heinrich. Condition assessment with non-destructive methods and reconstruction of timber structures of Tagussaare farm`s barn-dwelling. Supervisors: Kalle Pilt, Marko Teder.

Konga, Taavi. Evaluation of the mechanical properties of concrete at Annelinna Prisma construction site. Supervisor: Mihkel Kiviste.

Käärid, Martin. Investigation of physical-mechanical properties of used timber under different moisture content with ultrasonic examination and Pilodyn penetration. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Matis Miljan.

Lilium, Mart. Analyse of Tapa, Turu 12a block of flats (60 flats) in context of energy efficiency and made investments + thermal inspection and Energy Label. Supervisor: Tõnis Teppand.

Lilleste, Karel. Temperature and humidity regime of attic covered with thatched roof. Supervisors: Kristina Akermann, Meeli Kams.

Mertsina, Heiko. Historic Peipsi Sailing Barge „Jõmmu“ structural condition assessment of timber constructions with non-destructive methods. Supervisors: Kalle Pilt, Marko Teder.

Mõrd, Liia. Design and usage of carpentry joints in timber constructions. Supervisor: Kalle Pilt.

Rakaselg, Jaan. The comparison of construction of cost and energy consumption of one- and two-storey standard residential buildings. Supervisors: Meeli Kams, Tõnis Teppand.

Spelman, Margus. Mapping single residential buildings with thatched roofs in Estonian Republic and giving recommendations to reconstruct them. Supervisors: Kristna Akermann, Meeli Kams.

Suits, Tiit. Housing wooden walls durability. Supervisor: Jaan Miljan.

Tagel, Priit. The influence of European Union on the construction industry in Estonia. Supervisor: Tõnis Teppand.

Toompalu, Tauri. Feasibility of energy-efficient buildings in Estonia. Supervisor: Kristna Akermann.

Tõevere, Juta. Buildings technical condition assessment in Supilinn based on visual inspection – problems and possible solutions. Supervisor: Kalle Pilt.

Vanaisak, Liivia. The assessment of structural conditions of the office building on Järvselja Training and Experimental Forest Centre and its reconstruction into a visitor center. Supervisor: Tõnis Teppand.

Välison, Raido. Stone church timber roof structure analysis: the case of Jämaja church. Supervisors: Ain Pihl, Kalle Pilt.



Igasta, Kristjan. The research of vacuum insulated panels. Supervisor: Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Karja, Kristo. Lightweight walls made of reed. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Kruuse, Argo. The designing and planning of construction processes management and the importance of them in the planning of EU projects. Supervisors: Jüri Org, Kaarel Sahk.

Kudu, Lehar. Finding the optimal timber frame wall for various loads. Supervisor: Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Lepik, Priit. Investigation of physical-mechanical properties of unused timber under different moisture content with ultrasonic examination and pilodyn penetration methods. Supervisors: Matis Miljan, Marko Teder.

Meister, Hannes. Timber floors underground air relative humidity and temperature change of the year and fungi damages. Supervisor: Kalle Pilt.

Ossip, Ando. Study of mechanical properties of fiber-reinforced concrete. Supervisor: Alexander Ryabchikov.

Paavel, Janek. Repair and evaluate the condition of the production buildings of a herding yard of Polli manor house. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Tõnis Teppand.

Paulus, Priit. Dynamic and thermal conductivity of bulk isolation materials. Supervisors: Martti-Jaan Miljan, Matis Miljan.

Persidski, Siim. Energy efficiency analysis of five family houses. Supervisor: Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Peterson, Marek. Analysis of renovation solutions for servant house in Oidrema manor complex. Supervisor: Vello Pallav.

Pärnamäe, Silver. The comparison of the calculations between the currently valid standard of the reinforced concrete EVS 1992-1-1 and the standard before that. Supervisor: Jaak Valgur.

Reitsnik, Renno. Determination of shrinkage stresses in floor coatings. Supervisors: Harri Lille, Alexander Ryabchikov.

Rööbing, Lauri. The study of wooden foundation piles use to build onto weak soils and comparison of reinforced concrete solutions. Supervisors: Vello Pallav, Jaak Valgur.

Seliste, Veiko. Testing and analysis of mortice and tenon wood joints for industrial timber wall constructions. Supervisors: Matis Miljan, Tõnis Teppand.

Siim, Kaarel. Study of physical and mechanical properties of birch plywood for humid conditions. Supervisor: Harri Lille.

Sillaste, Kuldar. Study and comparison of oriented strand board (OSB) mechanical and physical values. Supervisor: Harri Lille.

Štšepetov, Maksim. Suitability analysis of crushed limestone from different Estonian stone-pits for production of concrete. Supervisors: Jürgen Paat, Vello Pallav.

Sulamägi, Kadri. Rammed earth construction. Supervisor: Jaan Miljan.

Tamm, Olav. Study of the properties of prestressed plywood in building structures. Supervisor: Tõnis Teppand.

Vigel, Uku. Warm and humidity regime in thatch roof buildings that have combined roof with sawdust thermal insulation. Supervisors: Meeli Kams, Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Vilt, Andrus. Energy saving technical systems and their payback period for private home. Supervisor: Mihkel Kiviste.

Volmer, Raimo. The reinforcement of the foundations of historical buildings in the old town of Tartu with wooden piles using for example the group of buildings at Rüütli 11 / Gildi 7. Supervisor: Vello Pallav.



Hindriksoo, Kärt. Guideline for the structural condition assessment of buildings. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Kiviste, Kauni. Shrinkage determination of fibre reinforced concrete. Supervisors: Harri Lille, Alexander Ryabchikov.

Kleinson, Meelis. Analysis of the preliminary design initial data and the alternative solutions on example of T-92 Tartu – Viljandi – Kilingi-Nõmme highway km 0,0-7,2 Tartu – Rõhu section. Supervisors: Vello Pallav, Vello Sova.

Krull, Timmo. Economical optimization of an on site reinforced concrete cylindrical reservoir. Supervisors: Alexander Ryabchikov, Jaak Valgur.

Kruuda, Ragnar. The dependence of resistograph measuring results by wood internal stresses. Supervisor: Kalle Pilt.

Kurotškin, Maksim. Dampness analyse in South-Estonia churches. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Lea Täheväli Stroh.

Kütt, Veiko. The legal bases for the quality formation of a structure. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Lainurm, Martti. Correlation between different characteristics of timber and results got by non-destructive methods. Supervisor: Kalle Pilt.

Laur, Erkki. Reasons for Soup Town`s value of milieu buildings foundations lapse and analysis of repair. Supervisors: Vello Pallav, Lea Täheväli Stroh.

Leemets, Reimo. Changes in housing construction and formation of house-buyers' preferences. Supervisor: Meeli Kams.

Mõistus, Martin. The effect of internal supervisory inside a construction company on building quality, based on ltd Tartu Ehitus. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Mõttus, Martin. Suitability of rocks with different composition for production of hydraulic lime. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Lea Täheväli Stroh.

Mäesepp, Ivo. Examination of thin webbed box beams. Supervisor: Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Ojaste, Taavi. Concrete strength transformation diagram by combined nondestructive methods for Estonian conditions. Supervisor: Mihkel Kiviste.

Palm, Ragnar. Examination of thin webbed box beams. Supervisor: Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Poks, Priit. Sustainable and ecological building solutions – various aspects and comparison with conventional construction. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Purge, Jaan. The detailed planning and cost-benefit analysis of the leisure and sport park bordering the river Võhandu in Räpina. Supervisor: Vello Pallav.

Põvvat, Rainer. Investigation of the causes of deterioration of reinforced concrete structures of bridges example of Tartu Sõpruse Bridge. Supervisors: Mihkel Kiviste, Jaan Miljan.

Rodenberg, Anti. Comparison of the constructive solution of the reinforced concrete cellar walls. Supervisor: Jaak Valgur.

Siim, Kristjan. Study of physical and mechanical properties of Durélis/ Populair particleboards depending on moisture content. Supervisor: Harri Lille.

Tattar, Kadri. Thermal conductivity of external walls in log houses. Supervisor: Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Teder, Marko. Investigation of physical-mechanical properties of timber using ultrasonic examination method. Supervisors: Matis Miljan, Kalle Pilt.

Teppand, Tõnis. Multilayer tenoned peripheral structure. Supervisor: Jaan Miljan.

Vargunina, Jekaterina. Bridge inspection and prediction of bridge residual lifetime. Supervisor: Vello Pallav.

Vilumaa, Marko. Effect of residential choices on building structures and quality of life. Example of residential areas. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Vello Pallav.



Govbel, Viktor. Research of bearing constructions of the building "Butterfly". Supervisor: Jaak Valgur.

Hanni, Heigo. Research of reliability of connecting joint between reinforced column and socle wall element. Supervisor: Jaak Valgur.

Jõgiste, Peep. Construction project management- a service based on a standardized approach (example of Leviehitus OÜ). Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Kann, Vaiko. Tie-stall diary barn for 40 cows. Supervisor: Jaan Miljan.

Kase, Kersti. Comparison of different loadbearing structures at the instance of the atrium glass roof of the Faculty of Economics and Humanities of TTU. Supervisor: Ivo Roolaht.

Kibal, Margus. Project Management in Construction - Cost-based Approach, the Example of Merko Tartu Inc. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Korbun, Merli. Application of fidic building contract requirements in Estonia (in example of the I building phase of Tartu University Hospital Maarjamõisa medical complex). Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Kukka, Erki. Research of the cost, ratio of embodied energy and exploitation costs of types of external walls more common in Estonia. Supervisor: Jaan Miljan.

Kõressaar, Lauri. Increasing the herd in family barns, how to use existing barns, in example of Tõntso farm. Supervisor: Jaan Miljan.

Luik, Tõnis. Designing of the Man Truck Centre and comparison of load-bearing structures. Supervisors: Hugo Olak, Jaak Valgur.

Lutsar, Risto. Research of reliability of connecting joint between reinforced column and socle wall element. Supervisor: Jaak Valgur.

Lõvi, Laur. Research on possibilities of reinforcing laminated timber beams. Supervisor: Alar Just.

Melesk, Merilin. Evaluation of timber structures with beetle damages of the new church tower in Ruhnu. Supervisor: Kalle Pilt.

Mesteljainen, Dmitri. Quality research of lightweight clay. Supervisors: Kristina Akermann, Jaan Miljan.

Paloots, Märt. Technical supervision of panel houses. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Pihlapuu, Olari. Inserted ceilings solutions and soundproofing insulation for apartment buildings. Supervisor: Marko Ründva.

Pikk, Arne. Formation of construction costs during different stages of construction. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Pure, Valentina. Energy efficiency and cost of buildings: a case study of a primary health care centre. Supervisor: Mihkel Kiviste.

Silin, Vladimir. Heritage Conservation-object features of a project management as an example the reconstruction of the Heimtali manor circlewall. Supervisor: Jüri Org.

Siska, Ain. The assessment of the properties of natural insulation materials in the wooden experimental house. Supervisor: Jaan Miljan.

Skirta, Mark. The comparison of load-bearing structures of Tõntso farm`s new dairy cattle and young animals barn. Supervisors: Taavi Leola, Jaak Valgur.

Tasuja, Tambet. Concrete and clay roof covering materials and their underlayers. Supervisor: Meeli Kams.

Tiško, Dmitri. Airborne sound insulation measurement laboratory requirements and design. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Marko Ründva.

Veidenberg, Rain. Preservation of Cultural History and Improvement of Energy Performance of Buildings: the Seto Clubhouse Complex of Buildings as an Example. Supervisors: Kaarel Sahk, Lea Täheväli Stroh.



Aren, Raido. Comparison of the roof loadbearing structures from laminated timber and steel at the instance of the 6th phase extension of Lõunakeskus. Supervisor: Ivo Roolaht.

Goroško, Vallo. Comparison of steel load bearing structures of OÜ Greid`s repair shop building. Supervisor: Jaak Valgur.

Ilves, Marten. Wood protector influence against wood bending, pressure and hardness strength. Supervisor: Kalle Pilt.

Kokk, Meelis. Barn dwelling its construction and usage. Supervisor: Jaan Miljan.

Koonik, Kaido. Dimension of cantilever floor beams in timber frame houses. Supervisor: Ragnar Joosep.

Korb, Nikolai. Dependence of mechanical properties of fiber – reinforced concrete on the dosage of fibers. Supervisor: Alexander Ryabchikov.

Kottise, Alo. 3-storey timber frame building bearing constructions dimensioning. Supervisor: Ragnar Joosep.

Laos, Priit. Engineering of OÜ Hobbiton double-sectioned production buildings gluewood bearing constructions. Supervisor: Illimar Kalk.

Lappard, Ivo. The lightweight wall of timber, how it works under different loadings and outer factors. Supervisor: Jaan Miljan.

Magdalenoka, Jekaterina. Dependence of residual flexural tensile strength of fiber-reinforced concrete on distribution of fiber in failure section. Supervisor: Alexander Ryabchikov.

Metsmägi, Andres. Warming of the facilitated wooden walls, their properties and stability. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Martti-Jaan Miljan.

Muhhin, Indrek. Construction project management design: the case of Tartu University study and research building construction site. Supervisor: Vello Pallav.

Nurm, Uku. The investigation of reasons and analysis of these foundations of the Tartu City Library named by Oskar Luts settle. Supervisor: Vello Pallav.

Paulus, Anar. Construction work quality assurance. Supervisor: Kaarel Sahk.

Salumets, Ivo. Research of grillage and pile foundations in downtown of Tartu, based on the works of Nikolai Oll. Supervisor: Vello Pallav.

Schmidt, Vahur. Estimating concrete strength non-destructively with rebound hammer and ultrasonic method. Supervisor: Mihkel Kiviste.

Šurmin, Jegor. Temporal changes of mechanical properties of wood. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Kalle Pilt.

Tšumakov, Jegor. Design of extrafloor for block of flats. Supervisor: Mihkel Kiviste.

Valge, Margus. Methods for improving energy efficiency of buildings: A case study of a one-family house in Estonia. Supervisors: Tõnu Mauring, Jaan Miljan.

Veider, Aili. Fire resistance of timber frame assemblies with glass fibre insulation. Supervisor: Alar Just.



Bespalova, Kristina. Bearing structures of AS Kodumaja Factory. Supervisor: Jaak Valgur.

Halgma, Riho; Linnus, Lauri. Determination of some propeties of concrete and reinforcement of prestressed ribbed panels. Supervisor: Mihkel Kiviste.

Klaassen, Risto; Madal, Madis. Use of recycled concrete in construction. Supervisor: Jaan Miljan.

Klement, Anna. Influence of the protective materials to the moisture distension of wood. Supervisor: Jaan Miljan.

Koiduaru, Martin. Prestressed concrete beam anchorage zone design. Supervisor: Jaak Valgur.

Lanto, Margus. Design and construction of stress-laminated timber bridge decks. Supervisor: Alar Just.

Laurits, Marju. Specialist estimating services and their potential benefit to construction companies. Supervisors: Trevor Sadd, Mihkel Kiviste.

Ljahov, Jaanus. Particleboard´s physico-mechanical properties dependance on water content. Supervisor: Harri Lille.

Miljan, Martti-Jaan. The usage of local thermal-insulating materials in enclosing structures. Supervisor: Jaan Miljan.

Piir, Kersten. SA „Tehvandi spordikeskus“ 's multifunctional healthcenter's bearing structures. Supervisors: Jakub Kõo, Ülo Takker.

Salusaar, Mart. Describe construction process in main contractor company. Supervisors: Kaarel Sahk, P.Parmi.

Tätte, Inar. Working environment and safety of construction works. Supervisor: Matis Luik.