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Water Management
















Elmaste, Mihkel. Technical restoration project for the Kildemaa cut-over peatland. Supervisors: Henri Daniel Ots, Toomas Timmusk.

Jüriöö, Reio. Using an erosion simulator for testing slope cover materials. Supervisor: Toomas Tamm.

Liiv, Andres. Windrow composting of sludge in winter conditions. Supervisor: Mait Kriipsalu.

Meier, Magnus. Designing modular house technical systems using MagiCAD. Supervisor: Egle Saaremäe.



Alatalo, Kadri. Analysis of disc filter operating variables on the example of the Tartu wastewater treatment plant. Supervisors: Mait Kriipsalu, Pille Kängsepp.

Drenkhan, Jüri. Reconstruction possibilities of the water supply and sewerage systems of the Reola and Uhti villages. Supervisors: Indrek Hiiemäe, Egle Saaremäe.

Kaljuvee, Heiko. Calculation of the hydroenergetical potential of Estonian rivers. Supervisor: Ottar Tamm.

Kartau, Kert. Remediation of the polluted Kroodi stream. Supervisors: Erki Kõnd, Urmas Uri.

Karu, Liisa Sylvia. Software analysis based study of slope stability on the example of dams of the Soomaa National Park. Supervisor: Toomas Tamm.

Lang, Risto. Possibilities of use of water of the Vedu reservoir for artificial snow production. Supervisor: Priit Tamm.

Medvedeva, Karina. Modelling of sustainable urban drainage systems for the Jõgeva reference catchment area. Supervisor: Egle Saaremäe.

Mänd, Rait. Impact of short duration rainfall intensities on stormwater drainage. Supervisors: Egle Saaremäe, Ottar Tamm.

Pedosk, Ott. Testing and implementation for educational purposes of a water treatment training stand. Supervisors: Mait Kriipsalu, Egle Saaremäe.

Vagula, Jaan. Constructing and testing of a road embankment erosion simulator. Supervisor: Toomas Tamm.



Allsaar, Andres. Assessment of climate change impact on the water use of drip and sprinkler irrigation systems. Supervisor: Ottar Tamm.

Kondike, Juhan. Design of wastewater treatment plant at Kilingi-Nõmme. Supervisor: Mihkel Gross.

Libek, Alo. Design and construction of a water treatment stand for educational use. Supervisor: Mait Kriipsalu.

Ojamets, Kedi. Modeling of stormwater systems, case of Ülejõe district catchment area of Pärnu. Supervisor: Egle Saaremäe.

Ronimois, Mihkel. Measuring of stormwater flow and calibrating a storm drainage system model, case of Kroonuaia street. Supervisors: Egle Saaremäe, Ottar Tamm.

Soomets, Sander. Modelling of the hydroenergetical potential of river Keila using the HYPE model. Supervisor: Ottar Tamm.

Taits, Liina. Wooden dust suppression by mist irrigation. Supervisor: Mait Kriipsalu.

Vodja, Kätlin. Investigation of possibilities of diversion and distribution of flow in river Kohtla. Supervisors: Erki Kõnd, Urmas Uri.



Hoop, Martti. Development of a solid waste wash-water treatment technology and testing the treatment system. Juhendaja: Mait Kriipsalu.

Jakobson, Karl-Josep. Collection system for semiliquid food waste. Juhendaja: Mait Kriipsalu.

Karro, Sten. Laboratory study of a drain envelope material. Juhendaja: Toomas Timmusk.

Käsk, Jaan. Dynamic modelling of the IMG Energy Ltd hydropower station using the Vensim software. Juhendaja: Toomas Tamm.

Lillemaa, Tauri. Adjusting and testing of the hydraulic lab tilting flume. Juhendaja: Mihkel Gross.

Ots, Henri Daniel. Design of a denil fish pass for the Laviku dam. Juhendajad: Priit Alekand, Toomas Tamm.

Peda, Gerda. The study of the flow velocity and channel lining behind the upstream of a culvert. Juhendaja: Mihkel Gross.

Pravdjukova, Jevgenia. Removal of the dam Saesaare. Juhendajad: Urmas Nugin, Toomas Tamm.

Põldsaar, Cätlin. Comparison of methods for calculating stormwater flow from a Jõgeva town apartment building block as an example. Juhendaja: Egle Saaremäe.

Randman, Teele. Research on Salmonidae artificial spawning ground features and design basics. Juhendaja: Toomas Timmusk.

Sütt, Rene. Reconstruction of the Elva football field. Juhendajad: Taavi Lulla, Toomas Timmusk.

Teder, Epp. Restoration of the river bed of Pedja and reconstruction of its structures within the limits of Jõgeva borough. Juhendaja: Toomas Timmusk.

Vanaveski, Tanel. Hydraulic analysis of double barrel culvert, pipe arch and horizontal elliptical culvert. Juhendaja: Mihkel Gross.



Bringfeldt, Andre. Study of hydraulics of a vertical slot flow control device. Supervisor: Toomas Tamm.

Kozõrev, Ilja. Design of heating, ventilation, water supply and sewerage systems for an office building. Supervisors: Priit Tamm, Aivo Veisman.

Laurits, Martin. Hydraulic analysis of culvert inlet conditions. Supervisor: Mihkel Gross.

Liivoja, Arles. Study of hydraulics of a pool type fish pass with submerged orifices. Supervisors: Toomas Tamm, Peeter Napp.

Matto, Lauri. Study of the usage possibilities of a dosing siphon. Supervisor: Priit Tamm.

Pärkma, Siim. Restoration of the natural water regime of the Audru polder. Supervisors: Ottar Tamm, Urmas Uri.

Udras, Edvin. Reconstruction of the Viljandi Uueveski dam. Supervisors: Toomas Timmusk, Andres Piir.



Almre, Mirjam. Technological solution for the Mustla sewage treatment plant. Supervisor: Mihkel Gross.

Anderson, Kairi. Study on composting wood waste and design of a composting area. Supervisor: Mait Kriipsalu.

Asi, Triin. Determination of the water-carrying capacity of an overflow structure on the example of the Sillaoru water power development. Supervisors: Peeter Napp, Toomas Tamm.

Kaseväli, Mari. Study of factors which affect composting of sewage sludge and optimization of sewage sludge composting on the example of the Haapsalu wastewater treatment plant. Supervisor: Mait Kriipsalu.

Kiiman, Kaspar. Development of a vertical slot flow control section for bypass channel. Supervisors: Peeter Napp, Toomas Tamm.

Kõiv, Kerta. Effect of synthetic nanoparticles on wastewater sludge composting. Supervisor: Mait Kriipsalu.

Källe, Kätlin. Design project for Kärevere harbour. Supervisors: Enn Kulp, Toomas Tamm.

Lõiv, Rauno. Reconstruction of the Umbsoo-Lätiroo forest drainage system and examination of the operation ability of culverts. Supervisors: Oleg Sosnovski, Toomas Timmusk.

Nugis, Janek. Research on airlift pump with low lifting height. Supervisor: Mihkel Gross.

Näkk, Andre. Planning an artificial snow system for the Tähtvere dendrological park. Supervisor: Andres Maikov.

Oja, Ilja. Design and testing of a rainfall simulator. Supervisor: Toomas Tamm.

Piirsalu, Ervin Reynaldo. Study of slope stability using analysis software on the example of the Kurepalu dam. Supervisor: Toomas Tamm.

Raid, Ragnar. Comparison of surface runoff calculation methods on the example of Jänese ditch catchment. Supervisors: Ottar Tamm, Priit Tamm.

Ritso, Reigo. Study of the roughness coefficient of close to nature fishpass channel. Supervisors: Mihkel Gross, Peeter Napp.

Roseniit, Rait. Reconstruction of the water supply and wastewater facilities of the Ääsmäe village. Supervisors: Mihkel Gross, Egle Saaremäe.

Tooding, Enriko. Landfill mining and its impact on the ground- and surface water. Supervisor: Mait Kriipsalu.



Kaljula, Egert. Design of a fish pass for the Utita dam. Supervisor: Toomas Timmusk.

Konsap, Karel. Calculation of wastewater flow rates and analysis of measured flow rates in Põlva town. Supervisor: Egle Saaremäe.

Kure, Kaarel. Cleaning of landfilled plastics and treatment of wash water. Supervisors: Fabio Kaczala, Mait Kriipsalu.

Lepp, Ainar. The analysis of the water supply model for the Kose borough and Meegomäe village using Bentley WaterGEMS software. Supervisor: Egle Saaremäe.

Lokko, Lauri. Reconstruction of Nõmmeveski hydroelectric station. Supervisor: Toomas Tamm.

Pehme, Kaur-Mikk. Study of chemical and hydrophysical properties of the methane degradation layer of Kudjape landfill. Supervisor: Mait Kriipsalu.

Pungits, Marti. Usage of airlift pumps in clarifiers of small wastewater treatment plants. Supervisor: Mihkel Gross.

Rammi, Diana. Study of efficiency of various sizes of biological filters Fil D'Eau based upon effluent analyses. Supervisor: Mihkel Gross.

Rõõmus, Jaak. Reconstruction of the Tõravere dam and design of a fish pass. Supervisor: Toomas Timmusk.

Zernand, Martin. Expansion of a timber storage sprinkler system and increasing the working radius of sprinklers. Supervisor: Taavi Lulla.

Tagapere, Mikk. Design of the Jaamamõisa impounded ponds. Supervisor: Priit Tamm.

Tamm, Mihkel. Irrigation system for the Polli dwarf fruit tree experimental orchard and modifying soil moisture properties using compost. Supervisor: Taavi Lulla.

Tamm, Ottar. Modelling of the hydroenergetical potential of River Kunda. Supervisor: Toomas Tamm.

Vahi, Martin. Research of bottom slope type bypass channel hydraulics and fishpass design at Kiidjärve dam. Supervisors: Peeter Napp, Toomas Timmusk.

Viir, Rainer. The restoration of Tudulinna peat-mining area. Supervisor: Toomas Timmusk.

Vilipõld, Tauri. Optimising of sludge composting and calculation of energy balance based on the example of the Valga drum composter. Supervisors: Mait Kriipsalu, Taavo Tenno.

Võimre, Raimond. Examination of steel culverts technical condition. Supervisors: Mihkel Gross, Enn Kulp.



Akhtyrtseva, Tatjana. Designing a fish pass for the Peedu watermill dam. Supervisors: Priit Alekand, Toomas Timmusk.

Jaanson, Karl. Pneumatic tube transportation of waste. Supervisors: Mait Kriipsalu, Priit Tamm.

Kõiv, Kaarin. Extension of the water supply and sewerage system in the Kubja region of Võru city. Supervisor: Egle Saaremäe.

Leidur, Raido. Treatment of olily water and sludge. Supervisor: Mait Kriipsalu.

Porozova, Irina. Possibilities of handling excess sludge at wastewater treatment plants of Emajõe Veevärk. Supervisor: Mihkel Gross.

Tarkus, Triinu. Study of excess sludge dewatering efficiency. Supervisor: Mihkel Gross.



Alber, Kadi. Rainwater harvesting, ventilation and heating systems for the Vanemuise 45 office and apartment house. Supervisors: Toomas Tamm, Aivo Veisman.

Asi, Priit. Reconstruction of the Terikeste land reclamation system. Supervisor: Toomas Timmusk.

Glazatšev, Andrei. Reconstruction of the Saeveski land reclamation system and design of test area. Supervisors: Kalev Raadla, Toomas Timmusk.

Ilves, Kerli. Model recycling center of the Estonian University of Life Sciences. Supervisors: Mait Kriipsalu, Priit Tamm.

Kala, Ahti. Hydraulic testing of the distribution pipes of a wastewater infiltration system. Supervisors: Mait Kriipsalu, Priit Tamm.

Kooskora, Triinu. Influence of air in a pressure pipe line with undulating longitudinal profile upon the delivery head of a pump. Supervisors: Heiti Haldre, Priit Tamm.

Käis, Kristo. Comparative study of different types of small wastewater treatment plants managed by Emajõe Veevärk Ltd. Supervisor: Mihkel Gross.

Laving, Lauri. Model of indoor climate and analysis. Supervisor: Toomas Tamm.

Lätt, Emili. Storm water and waste water sewers under Riia Street in Tartu and comparison of their materials. Supervisor: Egle Saaremäe.

Mäekivi, Magnar. Reconstruction of lake Restu (designing of the fish way, solving the issues related to improving the canal). Supervisors: Heiti Haldre, Urmas Nugin.

Raid, Marko. Optimization of wastewater sludge composting. Supervisor: Mait Kriipsalu.

Strutšalina, Aleksandra. Possibilities of water saving in the Estonian University of Life Sciences, case of Kreutzwaldi Str 5. Supervisors: Mait Kriipsalu, Egle Saaremäe.

Suik, Rasmus. Laboratorial study of drain envelope materials. Supervisor: Toomas Timmusk.

Tugedam, Raido. Restoring the natural water regime of Aardla polder. Supervisor: Urmas Uri.

Urbanovitš, Reino. Decoloration of surface water by means of water treatment. Supervisors: Donald Fortesque Ibbs, Mait Kriipsalu.

Ušanov, Sergei. Dilution of household wastewater with rainwater from the roof. Supervisor: Toomas Tamm.



Allilender, Rando. Testing of gully grates on slopes. Supervisors: Heiti Haldre, Priit Tamm.

Hansing, Riho. Water supply and sewerage of the Oja Str. 7 lot in the town Elva. Supervisor: Karl Mägi.

Jankovskaja, Alina. Outdoor vacuum sewerage and possibilities of its application in Estonia. Supervisor: Priit Tamm.

Luik, Tarmo. Watermills and water balance of River Piusa. Supervisor: Heiti Haldre.

Lulla, Taavi. Irrigation system of the Tammiku apple orchard and its automatic control according to soil moisture. Supervisor: Toomas Tamm.

Nellis, Siim. Research on the improved drainage system at Rõhu. Supervisor: Toomas Timmusk.

Poolakese, Morten. Design and construction of a branched and looped network laboratory stand. Supervisor: Toomas Tamm.

Reimann, Aigar. Engineering and utility networks of the grade separated railway crossing of Betooni street in Tartu. Supervisor: Priit Tamm.

Rääbus, Marju. Joint waste treatment facility for Abja and Halliste. Supervisor: Mait Kriipsalu.

Sell, Silver. Design of the Piigaste hydrometric station. Supervisor: Toomas Tamm.

Zaitseva, Diana. Use of membrane technologies in wastewater treatment. Supervisor: Mihkel Gross.

Tagel, Jaak. Study of head loss in the branch and loop network stand and preparation of model exercises. Supervisor: Toomas Tamm.

Tiivoja, Martti. Complete solution for a dry toilet. Supervisor: Mait Kriipsalu.

Vene, Heleen. Modelling of river flow in the canyon of River Narva. Supervisor: Urmas Uri.

Võsu, Ruve. Study of factors, accelerating composting of sewage sludge. Supervisor: Mait Kriipsalu.

Võsu, Steve. The Hellenurme watermill. Supervisor: Heiti Haldre.



Aasa, Anu. Solution for the water supply and sewerage system of Nursipalu practice field. Supervisor: Andres Maikov.

Helm, Katrin. Study of the Kulgu earth dam. Supervisor: Urmas Uri.

Kellamäe, Reeli. Evaluating irrigation demand and dimensioning of Rõhu. Supervisor: Toomas Tamm.

Kree, Ahto. Water supply and sewerage of land unit Rootsilõvi. Supervisors: Karl Mägi, Andres Piir.

Peips, Jaana. Comparison of construction capacities of water supply pipelines and sewers by the Akadeemia street. Supervisor: Karl Mägi.

Vaksmann, Marti. Hydraulic modeling of the sanitary sewer at Tõrvandi borough. Supervisor: Toomas Tamm.

Võru, Martin. Reconstruction of Mõniste stabilization ponds and the study of problems which arise during the designing and operating an artificial water body. Supervisors: Toomas Timmusk, Urmas Uri.



Aim, Lauri. Extension of Wastewater Treatment Plant in Nõo. Supervisor: Mihkel Gross.

Gerne, Sirle. Development of a small sewage treatment plant for Estonian conditions. Supervisor: Mihkel Gross.

Jeenas, Age. Waste recycling and disposal facility. Supervisor: Mait Kriipsalu.

Kukk, Jaanus. Ground and stormwater drainage of the Külitse industrial park territory. Supervisor: Toomas Timmusk.

Kuusik, Rauno. The sanitation of lake Kambja. Supervisors: Karl Mägi, Andres Piir.

Kõnd, Erki. Ash field closure design on example of Baltic Power Plant ash field No.2. Supervisors: Toomas Timmusk, Urmas Uri.

Laas, Vahur. Hydraulic modeling of stormwater sewer of Riia street in Tartu. Supervisor: Toomas Tamm.

Nõmmistu, Rivo. Hydraulic testing of street inlet grates. Supervisor: Heiti Haldre.

Oidram, Indrek. Project management in melioration construction by the use of project management software Microsoft Project. Supervisor: Jüri Org.

Vaino, Koit. Compiling instructions for using the Armfield FM51 series and parallel pumps demonstration unit and finding out possible test situations. Supervisor: Heiti Haldre.

Visnapuu, Anne. The evaluation of Leevi river's reservoirs and dynamic modelling of runoff. Supervisor: Toomas Tamm.

Värnomasing, Piret. Co-composting of sewage sludge and solid organic waste. Supervisor: Mait Kriipsalu.



Ingver, Kaupo. Co-digestion of organic waste and sewage sludge at a wastewater treatment plant. Supervisor: Mait Kriipsalu.

Kutsar, Mari-Liis. Technical design of apartment house Ida 1 and energy saving options. Supervisors: Aivo Veisman, Toomas Tamm.

Mäekivi, Mario. Reconstruction of Võru Kirumpää wastewater treatment plant and main pumping station. Supervisor: Mait Kriipsalu.

Oja, Kermo. Recontruction of  the wastewater treatment plant of EKSEKO Ltd. Supervisor: Mihkel Gross.

Ojasoo, Virgo. Designing and testing of a filtration stand. Supervisor: Toomas Tamm.

Ots, Riho. Structure of Estonian landfills and designing of an experimental waste cell for studing landfill processes. Supervisor: Mait Kriipsalu.

Prommik, Ergi. Soodla hydropower plant. Supervisor: Heiti Haldre.

Vijar, Lennar. Treatment of biodiesel production watewater. Supervisor: Mihkel Gross.

Vald, Vaido. Reconstruction of the Keressaare peat-mining area. Supervisors: Urmas Nugin, Toomas Timmusk.