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Ehrpais, Timo. Optimization and simulation of sawing patterns at Viiratsi Sawmill AS. Supervisors: Alari Leevit, Risto Mitt.

Kask, Kristjan. Effects of thermal treatment on the grey alder and common alder for equilibrium moisture content, density and swelling. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Kööts, Risto. Effect of thermal treatment on surface characteristics of alder wood. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Luha, Eerik. Stora Enso Eesti AS Imavere Saeveski component factory rejected blocks analysis. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Robert, Reisman.

Nagel, Markus Peter. Export competitiveness of the Estonian wooden window and door industry. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.



Eller, Ain. Analysis of Westwood Group Kuremaa sawmill production - a case study. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.

Kaasik, Sander. Effects of storing on the properties of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) and birch (Betula spp.) forest residues for fuel. Supervisors: Risto Mitt, Allar Padari.

Keerd, Katariina. Impact of wetting and drying cycles on mechanical and physical properties of medium density fibreboard depending on the cycle count. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Allar Padari.

Kõivik, Hevelin. Efficiency of various wood protection products to avoid blue stain on spruce wood. Supervisors: Rein Drenkhan, Regino Kask.

Kõks, Martin. Estimation of thinning necessity in Laeva test site using airborne laser scanning data. Supervisors: Tauri Arumäe, Mait Lang.

Lipand, Sander. Vitality assessment of thinned spruce stands in Järvamaa forest district. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Münter, Taavi. Alternative utilization methods of aspen pulp mill's waste. Supervisors: Mait Kriipsalu, Peeter Muiste.

Naarits, Alari. Optimization of drying quality and energy consumption of Scots pine and Norway spruce lumber in AS Aegviidu Puit - a case study. Supervisors: Peeter Muiste, Valdek Tamme.

Reedi, Marta-Maria. The strength of wood biscuit in corner joints depending on manufacturer. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Roos, Reigo. Black alder (Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertn.) bark deduction analysis based on Tarmeko Spoon LTD. Supervisor: Allar Padari.



Elias, Hendrik. Analysis of operator working time on crosscutting line: a case study at the wood industry company. Supervisors: Andres Kiviste, Allar Padari.

Koho, Martin. Economic evaluation of the sub-measure 1.5.2 "Adding value to forestry products" of the Estonian Rural Development Plan 2007-2013. Supervisors: Paavo Kaimre, Risto Sirgmets.

Kokk, Andre. Prediction of the static and dynamic modulus of elasticity of pine wood with a non-destructive ultrasonic method. Supervisors: Peeter Muiste, Valdek Tamme.

Kokk, Andres. Analysis of wood resources in Jõgeva County. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Konts, Kristjan. Larch family (Larix spp.) living canopy biomass modellation. Supervisor: Allar Padari.

Lilienthal, Sander. Birch (Betula spp.) bark thickness repair analysis based on Tarmeko Spoon LTD. Supervisor: Allar Padari.

Mets, Mihkel. Analysis of minimum basal area requirement on thinnings. Supervisors: Ahto Kangur, Henn Korjus.

Niidu, Indrek. Analysing larch trees growth of two uneven-aged stands data at Järvselja Training and Experimental Forest Center. Supervisors: Maris Hordo, Ahto Kangur, Andres Kiviste.

Ojalo, Kristi. The large poplar longhorn beetle (Saperda carcharias L.) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) damage and influence on trees growth and health in the aspen stands in Järvselja Training and Experimental Forest Center. Supervisor: Ivar Sibul.

Ots, Jürgen. The competitiveness of Estonian woodhouse industry. Supervisor: Risto Sirgmets.

Pärnsalu, Karl. Analysis of the optimizing cross-cut line based on Baltic Connexions OÜ. Supervisor: Risto Mitt.

Sei, Hendrik. Height growth and assessment of needle and shoot diseases in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) progeny trials. Supervisors: Rein Drenkhan, Tiit Maaten.

Tõnne, Hanno. The investments of the Estonian forestry and woodworking sector, its influence and comparison with the domestic food production and agricultural sectors and neighbouring countries' forestry and woodworking sectors. Supervisor: Meelis Teder.



Jõgela, Remo. Soy-based wood adhesive as an alternative to urea-formaldehyde resin in plywood industry based on Tarmeko Spoon AS. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Risto Mitt.

Kalda, Rain. Face veneer checking in birch plywood covered with peeled or sliced veneer. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Kalder, Siim. Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) and Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) knot analysis of pruned and unpruned trees. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Allar Padari.

Karu, Hans-Kristjan. Possibilities to increase the production of specific products in a wood processing enterprise. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.

Kask, Tõnis. Modelation of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) living canopy biomass calculation model. Supervisor: Allar Padari.

Käo, Rasmus. The effects of storage on pellet materials on the basis of AS Graanul Invest. Supervisors: Peeter Muiste, Linnar Pärn.

Nõmme, Argo. AS RAIT visual raw material sorting effects on the final product outcome. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.

Orlovski, Tiit. Reconstruction of the sawmill of ROSBET-ÜT OÜ. Supervisor: Risto Mitt.

Peedosaar, Laura. Productivity and downtime analysis based on AS Lasita Maja Production. Supervisor: Risto Mitt.

Peetermann, Hardo. The effect of annual ring with, latewood, density and defects to the strength properties of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.). Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Sülla, Mikk. Handling technology of birch plywood based on UPM-Kymmene Otepää AS. Supervisor: Risto Mitt.

Tirmaste, Marvin. Growth modeling of pruned Scots pine (Pinus Sylvestris L.) and Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.)Karst.). Supervisors: Regino Kask, Allar Padari.

Toomjõe, Teele. Strength parameter investigation of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) wood with nondestructive and destructive method. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Vister, Martti. Effect of packaging conditions on the physical and mechanical properties of birch plywood during the delivery period based on UPM-Kymmene Otepää AS. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Allan Sims.



Arujõe, Kait. Extent of forest drainage on private forest land on the example of Hanso MK Ltd. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Kaul, Mariliis. Improving storage efficiency in Raitwood Tartu Wood Terminal. Supervisors: Kuldar Ivandi, Peeter Muiste.

Kraav, Jaan. Growth and biomass characteristics of a hybrid aspen coppice stand. Supervisors: Hardi Tullus, Arvo Tullus (Tartu Ülikool).

Kukk, Jürgen. Utilization of wood residues in Estonian mechanical wood industries - a case study. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.

Lääne, Rando. Measuring productivity, analysing and improving options of dry timber sorting line based on AS Toftan. Supervisor: Risto Mitt.

Merdikes, Marten. Growth and above-ground biomass of hybrid aspen clones, triploid aspen and silver birch in Agali comparison experiment. Supervisors: Hardi Tullus, Arvo Tullus (Tartu Ülikool).

Murumets, Garry. Experimental determination of pine drying curves, simulation and optimization in industrial Nardi type chamber dryer. Supervisor: Valdek Tamme.

Sooru, Marko. Variation in mechanical and physical properties of birch plywood after soaking and oven-drying cycles. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Harri Lille.

Zuba, Gert. Creation of timber grading instructions and evaluation of sorting based on Combimill Sakala OÜ. Supervisors: Risto Mitt, Jaan Kers (Tallinna Tehnikaülikool).

Tammeväli, Siim. Comparison and selection of timber grading machines based on Combimill Sakala OÜ. Supervisors: Risto Mitt, Jaan Kers (Tallinna Tehnikaülikool).

Võlu, Madis. Analysis of wood postprocessing line of Priimo Mets Ltd - a case study. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.



Epler, Kenno. Analyze of volume and increment of pruned model trees. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Allar Padari.

Karro, Kristjan. Analysis of AS Aru Grupp component factory and possibilities for improving. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.

Karu, Margus. The Effect of Pruning on Lumber Quality and Prices. Supervisors: Vahur Kurvits, Allar Padari.

Koitmaa, Oliver. Analysis of maturity diameters in Scots pine, Norway spruce and silver birch stands. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Leht, Ott. Raw material influence on wood briquette properties. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Peeter Muiste.

Mikson, Mikk. Analysis of the package line of Barrus Ltd sawmill - a case study. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.

Urbas, Andres. Analysis of transport cost of wood chips - a case study. Supervisors: Peeter Muiste, Allar Padari.



Hein, Meelis. Increasing the production volume by using the butt end reducer in UPM Kymmene Otepää AS mill. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Risto Mitt.

Hänin, Mailis. Influence of UV-light and moisture on modulus of elasticity (bending properties) of wood-plastic composites. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Allar Padari.

Kajaste, Taavi. The growth of Siberian larch on Aidu exhausted oil shale opencast mines and climate analysis. Supervisors: Maris Hordo, Andres Kiviste.

Kirsimägi, Rain. Forest machine operators' remuneration analysis in Stora Enso Eesti AS. Supervisors: Paavo Kaimre, Peeter Muiste.

Korjuhin, Rainer. The effect of pruning on wood properties and quality. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.

Poljakov, Ahto. Wood material comparison of actual moisture content monitoring data in wood dryer "Mühlböck" and "Hekotek". Supervisors: Peeter Muiste, Valdek Tamme.

Samsonov, Marti. Production of woody biomass of powerline traces passing through forests. Supervisors: Risto Mitt, Allar Padari.

Schmidt, Meelis. Connections between lumber sorting productivity, quality and losses and automated machine sorting profitability as example of AS Toftan. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Veelak, Sten. The changes of properties in long-term storing of forest residues. Supervisors: Risto Mitt, Allar Padari.



Aavik, Lauri. Project for Reconstructing the Main Roads of Järvselja Training and Experimental Forest Centre. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Risto Mitt.

Kaldoja, Kalle. How the bonding quality of heat treated glued laminated timber depends on the timelapse between planing and gluing. Supervisor: Jaak Pikk.

Müür, Maik. The effect of heating on wood equilibrium moisture content and swelling. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Parkala, Heigo. The relation between the defects and moisture content of planed wood in production of AS Rait. Supervisor: Jaak Pikk.

Rand, Alo. Woodworking company productivity analyses by example of Ecobirch AS Pärnu sawmill. Supervisor: Meelis Teder.

Sutt, Lauri. Reconstruction of the sawmill of OÜ Reta Puit. Supervisor: Risto Mitt.

Sutt, Oliver. Effect of heat on the mechanical properties of particleboard. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Zereen, Oliver. The impact of raw material energy content to the profitability of pellet production on the example of AS Graanul Invest. Supervisors: Risto Mitt, Peeter Muiste.

Tagel, Tanel. Production effectiveness of base panel based on UPM-Kymmene Otepää AS. Supervisor: Risto Mitt.

Tamberg, Mikk. Competitiveness analysis of a timber manufacturing company on the basis of Teamwood OÜ. Supervisors: Paavo Kaimre, Risto Sirgmets.

Vahi, Renald. Structure and demand for labour in the logging and timber processing enterprises of Estonia. Supervisor: Paavo Kaimre.

Valb, Kaupo. The analysis of the results of mixing and distribution of samples of wood chips for heating. Supervisors: Risto Mitt, Allar Padari.



Arumäe, Tauri. Using LIDAR data to assess forest characteristics. Supervisor: Mait Lang.

Hirs, Marek. Royal process. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Irdla, Marek. Different methods for the chips in the moisture and the heating value of the comparison. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.

Karulaas, Mihkel. Production technology of LNG-plywood and product supervision in example of UPM-Kymmene Otepää AS. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Killing, August. The influence of birch veneer log moisture and temperature on workability when using the same heating and boiling process. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.

Koger, Kristjan. Timekeeping in veneer composition to plywood in UPM-Kymmene Otepää AS. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Kõomägi, Ivar. Comparison of production technology profitability in Lasva Liimpuidu AS. Supervisor: Jaak Pikk.

Leppik, Ranet. Moisture content and swelling effects of the heat-treated wood. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Taremaa, Taavi. Constructing repairs to the bark thickness of conifer logs. Supervisors: Risto Mitt, Allar Padari.

Viljak, Martin. The installation of WoodEye into the sawmill. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.



Kütt, Silver. Assess of disforestation waste capacity by the modeltrees method. Supervisors: Peeter Muiste, Allar Padari.

Lind, Rivo. Analysis of roundwood transportation. Supervisors: Paavo Kaimre, Allar Padari.

Mardo, Tarvo. Poluvinyl acetate adhesives bond shear strength determination and comparison. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Matkamäe, Meelis. Research and comparison of physical and mechanical properties of OSB and Durelis/Populair. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Otsa, Heigo. Plywood reinforcing with fiberglass, carbon fiber and kevlar. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Paas, Tauro. The transportation of mineral substances out of forests related to putting forest residues to use. Supervisors: Peeter Muiste, Allar Padari.

Simson, Reimo. The tensile strength of the particle board's adhesive lap joints. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Tagel, Tõnis. The analysis of factors influencing harvesting volume in private forests. Supervisor: Paavo Kaimre.

Täkker, Endrik. Physical and mechanical properties comparison of birch plywood and waterproof. Supervisor: Regino Kask.



Juronen, Markku. Mechanical properties of the spruce (Picea abies L.) in the area of Kunda cement factory. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Kase, Feliks. The reconstruction of PLC Erapuit. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.

Kelk, Mart. Study of surfaced particleboard physical and mechanical values. Supervisor: Jaak Pikk.

Kull, Andres. Analyses of competitiveness of Estonian forestry sector by using PLC Krediidiinfo data. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.

Landra, Mirjam. Theoretical approaches to wood modification and the effect of thermal processing on pinewood (Pinus sylvestris L.). Supervisor: Jaak Pikk.

Raud, Erik. Physical properties of spruce (Picea abies L.) wood in the area of Kunda cement factory. Supervisor: Jaak Pikk.

Reial, Andres. Particleboard`s dependence of physical and mechanical properties on humidity. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Tabun, Joosep. The investigation and comparison of MDF board physic-mechanical properties with different wet content. Supervisor: Regino Kask.



Gusseva, Darja. Analysis of material using in Palmako Ltd. Supervisor: Jaak Pikk.

Kruglov, Innar. Industrial painting of wood. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.

Mägi, Lauri. Aspen as a raw material of plywood. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.

Paabo, Peeter. Study and comparison of oriented strand board (OSB) mechanical-physical values. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Harri Lille.

Paas, Rüllo. The impact of storm damage in year 2005 on Estonian wood market. Supervisor: Meelis Teder.

Poljatšenko, Roman. Theoretical and experimental methods for quality evaluation of convective drying. Supervisors: Peeter Muiste, Valdek Tamme.

Rebane, Aleksander. Particleboard's dependence of physical and mechanical properties on humidity. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Harri Lille.

Uustalo, Hektor. Innovation and entrepreneurship in Estonian forest sector. Supervisor: Meelis Teder.



Jürisson, Janno. Physical and mechanical properties of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) on peatland forests. Supervisor: Jaak Pikk.

Piirisalu, Meelis. Physical and mechanical properties of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) on bilberry and cowberry forest site types. Supervisor: Regino Kask.