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Buht, Mikko. The fractional distribution and preliminary models of above-ground biomass and stemwood density of birch. Supervisor: Hardo Becker.

Fjodorov, Merit. Analyses of root and butt rot damages in over 80 year old Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) stands. Supervisors: Rein Drenkhan, Tiia Drenkhan.

Nokkur, Ants. Carbon accumulation and storages in the aboveground biomass of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) stands of different ages growing in Oxalis site type. Supervisors: Veiko Uri, Mats Varik.

Piiskop, Kätlin. Root and stem rot damages in 41-80 year old Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) stands. Supervisors: Rein Drenkhan, Tiia Drenkham, Elisabeth Rähn.

Sepp, Kristjan. Qualitative analysis of small-scale forest owners place attachment in Estonia. Supervisor: Priit Põllumäe.

Uri, Marek. Above-ground biomass, production and carbon storages in mesotrophic Scots pine stands of different ages. Supervisors: Veiko Uri, Mats Varik.

Vellak, Priit. Economic analyses of the thinning in Järvselja Training and Experimental Forest Centre in period 2015-2017. Supervisors: Paavo Kaimre, Risto Sirgmets.



Kollo, Joonas. Impact of thinning on aspen stand growth and the formation of lime second layer. Supervisors: Reimo Lutter, Hardi Tullus.

Luik, Kaspar. Condition of post-thinned pine stands in state and private forests. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Lõhmus, Neeme. The effect of thinnings on diameter increment of trees and carbon storages and fluxes in mesotrophic Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) stand. Supervisors: Jürgen Aosaar, Marid Hordo, Veiko Uri.

Orumaa, Argo. Carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide fluxes from forest soils of a fire chronosequence in Vihterpalu and Nõva. Supervisors: Kajar Köster, Marek Metslaid.

Pindma, Kadi-Ly. Fine root biomass and production in productive silver birch stands. Supervisors: Veiko Uri, Mats Varik.

Puust, Jaan. Analysis of the impact of reduction of the minimum rotation age of Norway spruce. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Silm, Doris. Above- and below-ground biomass of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) and carbon storage in trees in Myrtillus site type. Supervisors: Veiko Uri, Mats Varik.

Tammejuur, Martin. Introduced wood species in Estonia during the first half of the 19th century. Supervisor: Ivar Sibul.

Tarmu, Toomas. Modelling of top height using permanent plot data. Supervisor: Andres Kiviste.

Ärm, Aavo. Number of trees and composition of species of natural regeneration reforestation areas influenced by soil scarification. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.



Aun, Kristiina. Thinning effect on young silver birch stands. Supervisor: Veiko Uri.

Laas, Marili. Population genetic analysis of invasive disease agent Lecanosticta acicola. Supervisors: Kalev Adamson, Rein Drenkhan.

Rist, Erik. Shelterwood regeneration methods in Uulu-Rannametsa pine forests. Supervisors: Reimo Lutter, Hardi Tullus.



Korsten, Tiido. Height growth and the survival of Norway spruce on a comparison of local and imported planting stock. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Potapov, Aleksei. Effect of construction of drainage system and ditch network maintenance on radial increment of trees. Supervisors: Maris Hordo, Argo Strantsov.

Puidet, Britt. Population structure of Dothistroma septosporum and the occurrence of other invasive pine needle pathogens in Estonia. Supervisors: Kalev Adamson, Rein Drenkhan.

Pärn, Priit. Analysis of forest ecosystem restoration on post-mine oil shale quarries. Supervisors: Diana Laarmann, Priit Põllumäe.

Salla, Marek. Forest management possibilities in restored habitat of capercaillies (Tetrao urogallus L.). Supervisor: Raul Rosenvald.

Valdner, Riine. Aboveground carbon storages in a chronosequence of Norway spruce and Silver birch mixed stands. Supervisors: Veiko Uri, Mats Varik.



Agarmaa, Mihkel. The above-ground biomass and the effect of drainage on trees radial growth increment in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) stands growing in Myrtillus drained swamp site-type. Supervisors: Jürgen Aosaar, Veiko Uri.

Alatalo, Triin. Fine root biomass and production in downy birch (Betula pubescens Ehrh.) chronosequence in Oxalis drained peatland. Supervisors: Jürgen Aosaar, Mats Varik.

Kadak, Mikk. Above-ground biomass production in downy birch stands in drained peatland. Supervisors: Jürgen Aosaar, Mats Varik.

Kannimäe, Taavi. Climate respond to larch growth in Järvselja. Supervisors: Maris Hordo, Vivika Kängsepp.

Krusenvald, Taavi. Modelling of norway spruce breast height diameter growth on Oxalis site type. Supervisors: Maris Hordo, Andres Kiviste, Sandra Metslaid.

Lind, Allar. First year growth of spruce plantations depending on seedling types in the south-east region of the State Forest Management Centre. Supervisors: Andres Jäärats, Henn Korjus.

Morozov, Sigrid. The dynamics of net nitrogen mineralization in a Silver birch stand growing on a former agricultural land. Supervisors: Hardo Becker, Veiko Uri.

Muzakko, Tamar. The effect of overstory density on the growth of natural regeneration in South-East Estonian pine forests managed by uniform shelterwood cutting. Supervisors: Reimo Lutter, Hardi Tullus.

Möll, Heiki. Biomass production and carbon budget in 40-year-old downy birch (Betula pubescens) stands growing in Oxalis drained swamp site-type. Supervisors: Veiko Uri, Mats Varik.

Tammemäe, Joosep. Lidar data based estimation of forest height on permanent sample plots. Supervisors: Tauri Arumäe, Diana Laarmann.



Kaljund, Risto. Growth of advance regeneration of Norway spruce after clear-cut: Järvselja example. Supervisors: Kalev Jõgiste, Marek Metslaid.

Keir, Kaido. Energetic analysis of stump extraction and potential environmental impacts. Supervisor: Veiko Uri.

Kevvai, Aliis. Effect of seed trees on forest regeneration. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Lokko, Siim. The management of aspen stands on the example of experimental area at Järvselja demonstration and experimental area, district 243. Supervisor: Hardi Tullus.

Morozov, Gunnar. The growth development of curly birch (Betula pendula var. carelica) plantation and its dependence on the conditions of the soil and water regime. Supervisors: Kalev Jõgiste, Ivar Sibul.

Purret, Andre. The analysis of Estonian wood processing industry development and perspectives. Supervisors: Lauri Antero Hetemäki, Paavo Kaimre.

Soolmann, Erko. Factors affecting the natural regeneration under uniform shelterwood cuttings system. Supervisor: Raul Rosenvald.

Tamm, Jürgen. Outbreak of the great web-spinning pine-sawfly (Acantholyda posticalis) on Saaremaa. Supervisor: Kaljo Voolma.



Aasver, Tarvo. Profitability analysis in fertile sites of short rotations in Scots pine, Norway spruce and silver birch stand. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Asi, Ants. The growth and anatomy of Scots pine needles in the area of the Kunda cement plant. Supervisor: Katri Ots.

Koger, Lauri. The role of leaflitter and ground vegetation in carbon and nitrogen cycle of middle-aged grey alder (Alnus incana) stands. Supervisors: Jürgen Aosaar, Veiko Uri.

Kurrikoff, Riin. The succession of natural regeneration and sowing in shelterwood study area in Järvselja. Supervisors: Andres Jäärats, Eino-Endel Laas.

Leppik, Rivo. The effect of clear-cut to net nitrogen mineralization in grey alder stand. Supervisors: Hardo Becker, Veiko Uri.

Lust, Asko. Forest management practice compliance with FSC requirements in Järvselja Training and Experimental Forest Centre. Supervisor: Hardi Tullus.

Lutter, Reimo. Development of young silver birch stands on abandoned agricultural land. Supervisors: Arvo Tullus, Hardi Tullus.

Lõhmus, Kaur. An overview of evaluating the profitability of private forestry in different countries and in Estonia from 2010 to 2011. Supervisor: Meelis Teder.

Mölder, Taavi. The silvicultural effects of stump harvesting on Oxalis and Myrtillus and Hepatica site type. Supervisors: Veiko Uri, Mats Varik.

Paju, Teet. Forest felling impact of grouse (Tetrao urogallus L.) populations. Supervisors: Meelis Leivits, Ivar Ojaste, Tiit Randveer.

Sild, Björn. Spruce stump removal effects to nitrogen fluxes and storages. Supervisors: Hardo Becker, Veiko Uri.

Sisask, Silver. Effect of drainage on the development of an oligo-ombrotrophic pine (P. sylvestris L.) stand in Järvselja. Supervisor: Veiko Uri.

Sopp, Reeno. Growth of hybrid aspen and silver birch in the Free Air Humidity Manipulation (FAHM) experimental area. Supervisors: Arvo Tullus, Hardi Tullus.

Veelak, Steven. The role of fine roots in carbon balance of middle aged grey alder (Alnus incana) stands. Supervisors: Jürgen Aosaar, Veiko Uri.

Õun, Sven. Forest ecosystem restoration microhabitat pattern analysis on abonded oil-shale mining areas in Sirgala. Supervisors: Diana Laarmann, Allan Sims.



Adoberg, Ardo. Silvicultural aspects of spruce stump harvesting in Hepatica site type. Supervisors: Jürgen Aosaar, Mats Varik.

Andres, Olavi. Growth and management of hybrid aspen stands. Supervisors: Arvo Tullus, Hardi Tullus.

Becker, Hardo. Nitrogen fluxes and storages in grey alder stand and after clearcut. Supervisor: Veiko Uri.

Eelsalu, Edvard. The growth and phenology of hybrid aspen clones. Supervisors: Arvo Tullus, Hardi Tullus.

Kall, Meelis. The stumps harvesting of Picea abies in Oxalis and Vaccinium myrtillus site type. Supervisors: Veiko Uri, Mats Varik.

Kannel, Margit. Growing of Norway spruce planting stock depending on seedling type in Kullenga nursery of the State Forest Management Centre. Supervisors: Andres Jäärats, Aivo Vares.

Link, Diana. The results of the use of planting stock with different root systems in forest regeneration. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Looga, Olav. Accuracy assessment of digital land cover maps. Supervisor: Mait Lang.

Poderat, Keiu. Abundance of Scots pine natural regeneration after soil scarification in shelterwood cutting areas. Supervisor: Andres Jäärats.

Salujõe, Heidi. Landowners-hunter relationships in Estonia. Supervisor: Tiit Randveer.

Sepp, Stellan. Approaches to determine tree layers - a case study on the network of Estonian forest research plots. Supervisor: Allan Sims.

Võsu, Ain. Biomass production in grey alder stands aged 20-45 years. Supervisors: Jürgen Aosaar, Mats Varik.



Fjodorov, Anton. Fine roots biomass in silver birch stands of different ages. Supervisor: Veiko Uri.

Junkin, Lauri. An analysis of Scots pine annual height increment growth based on the data of analyze trees. Supervisors: Ahto Kangur, Allan Sims.

Jõesaar, Indrek. Analysis of previous forest management period in Järvselja experimental Forest. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Jürgenstein, Siiri. Analyses of European ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.) dieback causes in Estonia. Supervisor: Rein Drenkhan.

Kollom, Manuela. Development of primeval forest structure in Järvselja, Estonia: a research based on national forest inventory data. Supervisor: Ahto Kangur.

Kons, Katrin. Variability of fine roots in relation to site characteristics in Oxalis-Vaccinium myrtillus forest site, Järvselja case study. Supervisors: Kajar Köster, Ülle Pütsepp.

Käo, Marek. Harvester measurement results compared to forest survey data in Oxalis-Myrtillys site type at clearcuttings in State Forest Management Centre. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Nilson, Priit. An analysis of taper curve for Scots pine. Supervisors: Allan Sims, Ahto Kangur.

Nurk, Viljar. Biomass production and carbon accumulation in silver birch stands on Oxalis site type. Supervisor: Veiko Uri.

Otsa, Marianna. Thinning in birch stands. Supervisor: Hardi Tullus.

Rämonen, Rain. Using seasonal changes in forest spectral signature to predict inventory variables. Supervisor: Mait Lang.

Villako, Peeter. Thinning in pine forests. Supervisor: Hardi Tullus.



Aasamets, Pille. The impacts of tax system to the nature management objectives of private forest owners in Estonia. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Andrianov, Aleksei. Volume of dead wood in different human impact forests in Järvselja. Supervisors: Raul Rosenvald, Hardi Tullus.

Gulov, Igor. Modelling tree diameter distribution with Weibull function on the data of Estonian network of forest growth permanent plots. Supervisor: Andres Kiviste.

Kiivramees, Piia. Preciseness and effectiveness of determining the volume of stacked roundwood from digital photograph. Supervisor: Jüri Järvis.

Kingla, Illa. Thinning in the black alder stands. Supervisor: Hardi Tullus.

Kingumets, Krista. Forest growth permanent plots on abandoned oil-shale quarries and simulation of thinning on permanent plot data. Supervisor: Andres Kiviste.

Lilleleht, Ando. Relationships between stand increment and composition. Supervisors: Andres Kiviste, Allan Sims.

Männiste, Mikk. Damage comparison caused by roe deer to bare root and container Norway spruce plants. Supervisor: Tiit Randveer.

Põllumäe, Priit. Innovation in Estonian forest sector and structural changes in RMKd. Supervisor: Meelis Teder.

Rool, Siim. Economic effectiveness of short-rotation forestry using MOTTI software. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Rõõmussar, Raigo. The above-ground biomass and biomass production of silver birch, grey alder and hybrid alder stand on abandoned agricultural land. Supervisor: Veiko Uri.

Strantsov, Argo. Results of draining in peatland pineforests in territory of Järvselja experimental forest district. Supervisors: Andres Jäärats, Heino Seemen.



Ilus, Margus. Effect of increased air humidity on hydraulic architecture and hydraulic conductance of silver birch (Betula pendula Roth) and hybrid aspen (Populus x wettsteinii Hämet-Ahti). Supervisor: Krõõt Aasamaa.

Jänes, Endel. Development of silver birch and hybrid aspen plantations. Supervisors: Arvo Tullus, Hardi Tullus, Aivo Vares.

Kaur, Ursula. Studies on growth differences in the progeny trials of the Scots pine. Supervisors: Andres Kiviste, Malle Kurm.

Loks, Mihkel. The influence of seeds origin to the growth perfomance in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) provenance trials. Supervisor: Tiit Maaten.

Lukken, Margus. Effect of increased air humidity on stomatol anatomy and conductance of silver birch (Betula pendula Roth) and hybrid aspen (Populus x wettsteinii Hämet-Ahti). Supervisor: Krõõt Aasamaa.

Raiesmaa, Ray. The effect of wood ash on the growth of young Scots pine stand (Pinus sylvestris L.) in Calluna vulgaris site type. Supervisor: Katri Ots.

Tagen, Allan. Individual tree diameter and height modelling of pines in network of permanent forest growth plots in Estonia. Supervisor: Andres Kiviste.

Varik, Mats. Biomass production and carbon accumulation in silver birch stands in Oxalis site type. Supervisor: Veiko Uri.

Võsoberg, Veiko. Biomass production of silver birch, grey alder and hybrid alder stand on abandoned agricultural land. Supervisor: Veiko Uri.



Kardakov, Anton. Patterns of forest regrowth following clear cutting with medium spatial resolution satellite winter images. Supervisors: Urmas Peterson, Andres Kiviste.

Kikamägi, Karin. The effect of various manufacturing wastes (wood and peat ash) on the growth of spruce trees. Supervisor: Katri Ots.

Piir, Tanel. Data analysis of permanent sample plots of Norway spruce advance regeneration. Supervisor: Marek Metslaid.

Tattar, Taavi. Regeneration in Scots pine and birch stands after shelterwood cutting in South-East Estonia. Supervisor: Heino Seemen.

Teppo, Peep. Regeneration in Scots pine and birch stands after shelterwood cutting in South-East Estonia. Supervisor: Heino Seemen.



Aosaar, Jürgen. Investigation of the fertilization effect of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) in Pauska seed orchard. Supervisors: Malle Kurm, Andres Kiviste.

Hämäläinen, Merle. Calculation of single tree volume in young stands. Supervisors: Ahto Kangur, Allar Padari, Andres Kiviste.

Kaer, Relika. Calculating stand top height in young stands. Supervisors: Ahto Kangur, Andres Kiviste.

Kõresaar, Kadri. Ecological specialities of pine forests and second growth on dunes in Southwest Estonia. Supervisor: Malle Mandre.

Lukk, Ulvi. The productivity of fast growing tree species on abandoned agricultural lands. Supervisor: Veiko Uri.

Sepp, Leno. About non-wood products among private forest owners of Tartu county and about using of non-wood products around Pärnu county. Supervisor: Taimi Paal.