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Natural resources management MSc















Saar, Sandra. An analysis and description of flux footprint area of SMEAR Estonia main tower. Supervisors: Ahto Kangur, Steffen Manfred Noe.



Kaha, Mihkel. Estimation of species composition in forest stands using multispectral satellite images. Supervisor: Mait Lang.

Lipmeister, Juta. Visitorload assessment in Järvselja nature protection area. Supervisor: Ahto Kangur.

Pärna, Brit-Edy. Acclimation and growth dynamics of Norway spruce advance regeneration under changing conditions. Supervisor: Marek Metslaid.



Allikmäe, Eneli. Tree vitality assessment with resistography on forest permanent sample plots. Supervisors: Henn Korjus, Diana Laarmann.

Kungla, Marite. Seed quality assessment in mixed populations of Platanthera in Estonia. Supervisors: Tiiu Kull, Marilin Mõtlep.

Küngas, Kati. Application of flow cytometry to measure genome and spore sizes of selected Basidiomycota groups. Supervisor: Bellis Kullman.

Künnapuu, Rauno. Carbon flux in ecosystems, measured by eddy covariance approach. Supervisor: Kalev Jõgiste.

Palm, Kristiina. The condition of European ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.) in Estonia. Supervisor: Rein Drenkhan.

Rebane, Sille. Carbon dynamics and H2O flux in forest ecosystem - eddy covariance method. Supervisor: Kalev Jõgiste.

Rähn, Elisabeth. Fungal pathogens distribution and dynamics in managed conifer stands after final felling. Supervisors: Rein Drenkhan, Tiia Drenkhan, Ivar Sibul.

Savikink, Lehar. Seasonal growth of birch, spruce, pine and aspen trees diameter on dendrometers data. Supervisors: Maris Hordo, Andres Kiviste.



Agan, Ahto. Searching of ash dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) on the herbarium specimens of Fraxinus spp. Supervisor: Rein Drenkhan.

Alaru, Mai-Liis. The impact of fertilizing on the physiology of the energy willow leaves. Supervisor: Katrin Heinsoo.

Kalder, Reelika. Diplodia sapinea distribution in Estonia. Supervisors: Rein Drenkhan, Kalev Adamson.

Kinep, Alari. Remeasurement and data analysis of permanent sample plots of Norway spruce advance regeneration. Supervisors: Kalev Jõgiste, Marek Metslaid.

Kivimaa, Henri. Radial growth analysis of Scots pine stands in former Sagadi forest district. Supervisor: Maris Hordo.

Laanemäe, Tõnis. The growth and phenology of curly birch (Betula pendula var. Carelica) clones. Supervisor: Ivar Sibul.

Pertman, Annika. The effect of some volatile compounds on locomotor behaviour of the large pine weevil (Hylobius abietis (L.)). Supervisors: Irja Kivimägi, Ivar Sibul.

Poolak, Tiina. Antimicrobial properties of endophytic fungi. Supervisors: Silver Türk, Triin Varvas.

Sabas, Signe. Phytophthora spp. detection on trees and water bodies in Estonia. Supervisors: Rein Drenkhan, Tiia Drenkhan.

Silm, Sandra. Habitat quality and vegetation assessment of herb-rich spruce forests. Supervisors: Henn Korjus, Teele Paluots.

Vester, Kerli. The yield of blueberry and cowberry in different age-class pine forests in Estonia. Supervisor: Taimi Paal.



Ahtijäinen, Katri. Researches of root rot in Scots pine stands. Supervisors: Rein Drenkhan, Tiia Drenkhan.

Allika, Signe. Results of mine waste heap afforestation in Tammiku mine. Supervisors: Andres Jäärats, Allan Sims.

Dubolazov, Evar. Analyzing larch growth on abandoned oil shale quarries in Sirgala. Supervisor: Maris Hordo.

Kõivik, Kristi. The aesthetic value of different forest cuttings. Supervisors: Pille Aasamets, Raul Rosenvald.

Loogus, Marko. The measurement of carbon dioxide using eddy covariance. Supervisor: Kalev Jõgiste.

Maalaps, Kristiina. Sperm management in honey bees: Counting sperm on honey bee eggs to measure queen fertility. Supervisors: Susanne den Boer, Marika Mänd.

Pruuli, Marietta. Growth of Scots pine and analysis of disturbance events in Käsmu peninsula. Supervisor: Maris Hordo.

Rõigas, Rivo-Erich. Growth and progress state of forest plants established by the support of Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board's agricultural land afforestation. Supervisor: Ivar Sibul.

Seglinš, Katrin. Soil respiration dynamics in Vihterpalu and Nõva fire damaged-areas. Supervisors: Kajar Köster, Kristi Parro.

Siir, Leena. Assessment of restoration activities on permanent sample plots. Supervisors: Henn Korjus, Diana Laarmann.

Tee, Martin. Health condition of ash species (Fraxinus spp.) and fungal diversity in foliage of ash. Supervisor: Rein Drenkhan.

Tishler, Martin. Different shelterwood systems in Scots pine stand in Järvselja. Supervisor: Hardi Tullus.



Elm, Kerttu. The effect of wood ash and mixture of wood ash and oil shale ash on the above and below-ground biomass formation of seedlings on a cutaway peatland. Supervisors: Tatjana Kuznetsova, Katri Ots.

Gross, Helen. Remote sensing of coastal reeds in the optical spectral region at Estonian western coastal areas. Supervisor: Urmas Peterson.

Jürisoo, Kristiina. Vegetation changes in Järvselja virgin forest permanent sample plots. Supervisors: Jaanus Paal (Tartu Ülikool), Taimi Paal.

Kaare, Priit. The sporulation and distribution of Dothistroma septosporum in Estonia. Supervisor: Rein Drenkhan.

Kase, Sille. Detection methods of Phytophthora spp. and findings of the pathogen in nurseries and forests. Supervisor: Rein Drenkhan.

Kängsepp, Vivika. An analysis of height growth dynamics of young naturally regenerated forests: case study in Järvselja. Supervisor: Ahto Kangur.

Laherand, Sander. Management plan of Tihu site of community importance for 2014-2023. Supervisors: Henn Korjus, Toomas Kukk.

Laos, Liisi. The habitat selection of European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus). Supervisors: Karli Ligi, Rauno Veeroja.

Lätti, Triin. Mapping coastal vegetation on lakes with medium resolution satellite images. Supervisor: Urmas Peterson.

Pink, Tõnis. The model forest for a forest design in Järvselja. Supervisors: Ahto Kangur, Henn Korjus.

Puppart, Priit. Dynamic of reconditioning of quarries of constructional natural resources and its reasons in Estonia. Supervisors: Andres Jäärats, Tiit Kaasik.

Sarjas, Kärt. Natura 2000 network from legal point of view. Supervisors: Rait Sarjas, Meelis Teder.

Sinijärv, Liis. The economic valuation of old-growth forests ecosystem services: the case of the Virgin Forest of Järvselja. Supervisor: Aija Kosk.

Tamm, Liilia. The state and changes of ground vegetation on Saaremaa and Hiiumaa recreation areas. Supervisors: Jaanus Paal (Tartu Ülikool), Taimi Paal.

Varik, Timo. Immediate effects of treatments to restore natural structures in forests of Karula National Park. Supervisor: Diana Laarmann.



Kattai, Kai. New and guarantine disease brown spot needle blight (Mycosphaerella dearnessii) in Estonia. Supervisor: Rein Drenkhan.

Krumm, Leevi. Analysis of Ground Vegetation of Calamagrostis site type forests on the Example of Sample Plots in Saaremaa and Raplamaa. Supervisor: Diana Laarmann.

Luppa, Maria. Efficiency of wood protection products in protection of pine wood. Supervisor: Regino Kask.

Noormägi, Riina. Dynamics of soil respiration in storm areas - Sõõru storm damaged areas as an example. Supervisor: Kajar Köster.

Pegolainen, Kristiina. Growing of birch seedlings and the fungal diseases on silver birch (Betula pendula) in Estonian nurseries. Supervisors: Rein Drenkhan, Andres Jäärats, Eda Tetlov.

Renel, Getter. Impact of different management regimes on forest regeneration in fire damaged areas: Vihterpalu example. Supervisors: Marek Metslaid, Kristo Teppo.

Suvi, Siim. Impact of storage conditions on the quality of wood chips - a case study in the Estonian State Forest Management Centre. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.



Aosaar, Kaidi. Mahu-Rannametsa nature reserve management plan 2011-2020. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Kelner, Maris. The inventory of Põlva county swamps: their condition, conservation value and classification structure. Supervisors: Taimi Paal, Jaanus Paal (Tartu Ülikool).

Koppel, Elina. Hiking paths' effect to vegetation. Supervisor: Tiiu Kull.

Mändma, Ruth. Tree mortality and causes of death in stands under different management regimes according to forest yield sample plot data. Supervisors: Diana Laarmann, Allan Sims.

Nigul, Kristi. Inventory of woodland key habitats in Järvselja; Estonia. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Osja, Annika. Leisure industry infrastructure and the analysis of the visitors of the tourism information point in Valga county. Supervisors: Henn Korjus, Andres Kiviste.

Ots, Maarja. Wood chipping as influential factor in wood chip production. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.

Promet, Jüri.Forest growth on oil-shale layer depth gradient in Viivikonna quarry. Supervisors: Andres Kiviste, Henn Korjus.

Ruus, Mari-Liis. Evaluation of immediate effects of forest restoration treatments in permanent sample plots in Estonia. Supervisor: Diana Laarmann.

Sild, Anette. Ground vegetation changes after fire in Vihterpalu disturbed areas. Supervisors: Kajar Köster, Marek Metslaid.

Suurkivi, Gerda. The inventory of mires of the northern part of Lääne-Viru county: their condition, conservation value and classification structure. Supervisors: Taimi Paal, Jaanus Paal (Tartu Ülikool).

Suurkivi, Kätrin. Inventory of mires of the southern part of Lääne-Viru county: their condition, conservation value and classification structure. Supervisors: Taimi Paal, Jaanus Paal (Tartu Ülikool).

Tomson, Marii. Use of RMK recreation areas for educational purposes and the evaluation of frequency of attendance. Supervisors: Henn Korjus, Andres Kiviste.

Tulev, Teele. Inventory of cultural heritage in Luunja municipality, Estonia. Supervisors: Henn Korjus, Jürgen Kusmin.



Aavik, Katrin. The quality of black stork`s (Ciconia nigra) feeding grounds in Estonia, a study based on GPS-telemetry. Supervisor: Raul Rosenvald.

Aidak, Krista. The changes of the ambient air quality in Tartu and evaluation of the reasons. Supervisor: Veljo Kimmel.

Ivandi, Kristina. Endophytic diversity of timothy (Phleum pratense L.) based on rDNA ITS sequences. Supervisor: Bellis Kullman.

Jõesalu, Jens. Methane oxidation layer for landfills. Supervisor: Mait Kriipsalu.

Jürimäe, Madis. Influence of forest on the formation of ozone and particles in atmosphere, overview of Järvselja studies in the field. Supervisors: Veljo Kimmel, Steffen Manfred Noe.

Kuresoo, Liis. Dynamics of reed-beds of lake Võrtsjärv on remotely sensed data. Supervisor: Urmas Peterson.

Leemets, Janely. Development of ecological network of forest conservation areas in Viljandi county. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Nurmla, Mirjam. Black storks (Ciconia nigra) nest sites and their historical changes. Supervisor: Raul Rosenvald.

Parro, Kristi. Changes in ground vegetation on fire disturbed areas. Supervisor: Kalev Jõgiste.

Savi, Helen. Impact of long-term storage of birch fuel wood on hardness and bulk density of wood. Supervisors: Regino Kask, Peeter Muiste.

Zettur, Irma. Systematics of the genus Neottiella (Pezizales, Ascomycota). Supervisor: Bellis Kullman.

Varvas,Triin. Endophytic fungi of timothy (Phleum pratense L.) identified on the basis of characters of pure culture. Supervisor: Bellis Kullman.

Õunapuu, Liisi. Image processing and spatial analysis methods relevant to mapping of afforestation of former agricultural land on moderate satellite images. Supervisor: Urmas Peterson.



Hein, Katre. The yield and quality of reed canary grass (Phalaris arundinacea) fields for bioenergy production. Supervisor: Katrin Heinsoo.

Mulk, Vallo. Commercial fishermen`s catch data in Matsalu Bay 2003-2008 and it`s comparison with Estonian Marine Institute monitoring catches. Supervisors: Henn Korjus, Markus Vetemaa.

Reiman, Reet. Commercial fishermen`s catch data in Matsalu Bay 2003-2008 and it`s comparison with Estonian Marine Institute monitoring catches. Supervisor: Urmas Roht.

Seer, Eleri. Potential uses of ash from Tartu boilers. Supervisors: Mait Kriipsalu, Pille Kängsepp.

Vijar, Sirli. Analysis of Tallinn`s environmental education centers network. Supervisors: Paavo Kaimre, Kristel Vilbaste.



Bedaš, Aksana. The changes of the ambient air quality in Kohtla-Järve and evaluation of the reasons. Supervisors: Veljo Kimmel, Valdo Liblik.

Lukk, Heinrich. Winter population density and habitat preference of moose in Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve. Supervisor: Tiit Randveer.

Melts, Indrek. Energy potential of grasses from semi-natural meadows in Estonia. Supervisors: Katrin Heinsoo, Marek Sammul.

Ostroukhova, Alyona. The abandoned agricultural land resource for bioenergy production in Ida-Viru county. Supervisors: Alar Astover, Peeter Muiste.

Punder, Triinu. The dynamics of needle and growth characteristics of young Scots pines (Pinus sylvestris). Supervisors: Rein Drenkhan, Märt Hanso.

Suuster, Elsa. The abandoned agricultural land resource for bioenergy production in Saare county. Supervisors: Alar Astover, Peeter Muiste.



Kaasik, Age. Vegetation and environmental variables influencing it in some of quarry pits in Tartumaa. Supervisors: Taimi Paal, Jaanus Paal (Tartu Ülikool).

Kurg, Kaie. On vegetation of Värska sand dunes. Supervisors: Taimi Paal, Jaanus Paal (Tartu Ülikool).

Laes, Maren. Vegetation and environmental variables influencing it in some of quarry pits on Saaremaa Island. Supervisors: Taimi Paal, Jaanus Paal (Tartu Ülikool).

Paomees, Kadri. Morphological variability of Vicia sativa L. aggregate. Supervisor: Malle Leht.

Põesaste, Lilli. The vegetation on Kiviõli semi-coke hill and Kukruse oil shale ash hill. Supervisors: Taimi Paal, Jaanus Paal (Tartu Ülikool).

Rattur, Andres. Vermicomposting in Tallinn zoological gardens. Supervisor: Mari Ivask.

Remmel, Maris. The impact of wild boar on orchid populations. Supervisor: Tiiu Kull.

Rääbus, Liisi. Vegetation and variable aspects that influence plant communities in some Viljandimaa’s quarry pits. Supervisors: Taimi Paal, Jaanus Paal (Tartu Ülikool).

Sell, Indrek. Systematics and ecology of the species in the Phellinus igniarius group. Supervisors: Erast Parmasto, Kadri Põldmaa.