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Doctoral theses

Forestry, Forest Management

Engineering Sciences

Forestry, Forest Management

Adamson, Kalev. 28.03.2017. Distribution and population genetic analysis of the agents of invasive needle and shoot diseases of conifers in Northern Europe. Supervisor: Rein Drenkhan.

Aosaar, Jürgen. 21.12.2012. The development and biomass production of grey alder stand on abandoned agricultural land in relation to nitrogen and carbon dynamics. Supervisor: Veiko Uri.

Becker, Hardo. 25.08.2016. The effect of forest management on the carbon and nitrogen fluxes and storages in different forest ecosystems. Supervisor: Veiko Uri.

Drenkhan, Rein. 13.01.2011. Epidemiological investigation of pine foliage diseases by the use of the needle trace method. Supervisor: Märt Hanso.

Drenkhan, Tiia. 19.06.2017. Interaction between large pine weevil (Hylobius abietis L.), pathogenic and saprotrophic fungi and viruses. Supervisors: Kaljo Voolma, Ivar Sibul, Risto Kasanen (Helsingi Ülikool).

Hordo, Maris. 27.04.2011. Application of dendroclimatological methods for forest growth modelling. Supervisors: Andres Kiviste, Helena Henttonen (Finnish Forest Research Institute), Samuli Helama (Helsinki University).

Jõgiste, Kalev. 27.03.1998. Individuaalse puu kasv ja uuenemise seaduspärasused hariliku kuuse ja kase segapuistus. Supervisors: Pertti Hari (Helsinki University), Hardi Tullus.

Jäärats, Andres. 01.06.2018. The effect of planting stock and soil scarification on forest regeneration. Supervisors: Heino Seemen, Ivar Sibul, Arvo Tullus (Tartu University).

Kaimre, Paavo. 26.06.2002. Forest economics (textbook for university). Supervisor: Artur Nilson.

Kangur, Ahto. 26.08.2009. Long-term forest dynamic: permanent plot data for modelling. Supervisors: Andres Kiviste, Kalev Jõgiste.

Kask, Regino. 15.06.2015. The influence of growth conditions on physico-mechanical properties of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) wood in Estonia. Supervisor: Jaak Pikk.

Klõšeiko, Jaan. 29.08.2003. Carbohydrate metabolism of conifers in alkalised growth conditions. Supervisor: Malle Mandre.

Korjus, Henn. 16.06.2009. Approaches to forest design in Estonia. Supervisors: Andres Kiviste, Artur Nilson.

Kuuseoks, Eimar. 2000. Ilmastikutingimuste ja alusmetsa vanuselise koostise analüüs Suure Järvistu puistutes. Supervisors: David D. Reed (Michigan Technological University), Jianping Dong (Michigan Technological University).

Kuznetsova, Tatjana. 25.01.2011. Plantations of native and introduced tree species in the reclamation of oil shale post-mining areas. Supervisors: Malle Mandre, Henn Pärn.

Köster, Kajar. 16.06.2009. Dynamics of living and dead woody biomass in forests ecosystem after windthrow. Supervisor: Kalev Jõgiste.

Laarmann, Diana. 29.08.2014. Monitoring and evaluation of forest ecosystem restoration. Supervisors: Henn Korjus, John Stanturf.

Lang, Mait. 30.11.2006. The performance of foliage mass and crown radius models in forming the input of a forest reflectance model. Supervisors: Tiit Nilson (Tartu Observatory), Andres Kiviste.

Lutter Reimo. 15.09.2017. Growth development and ecology of midterm hybrid aspen and silver birch plantations on former agricultural lands. Supervisors: Hardi Tullus, Arvo Tullus (Tartu University).

Maleki, Kobra. 09.12.2016. Analysis of tree competition and structural indices with a focus on modelling Silver birch (Betula pendula Roth) stands. Supervisors: Henn Korjus, Andres Kiviste, Klaus von Gadow (Georg-August-University, Göttingen, Germany).

Metslaid, Marek. 29.08.2008. Growth of advance regeneration of Norway spruce after clearcut. Supervisors: Kalev Jõgiste, Eero Nikinmaa (Helsinki University).

Metslaid, Sandra. 09.06.2017. Assessment of climate effects on Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) growth in Estonia. Supervisors: Andres Kiviste, Ahto Kangur.

Ots, Katri. 26.06.2002. Impact of air pollution on the growth of conifers in the industrial region of Northeast Estonia. Supervisors: Malle Mandre, Hardi Tullus.

Põllumäe, Priit. 21.08.2015. Assessment of private forest owners' cooperation in Estonia. Supervisor: Henn Korjus.

Rosenvald, Raul. 23.01.2008. Biota and persistence of retention trees in relation to the characteristics of the trees and cut areas. Supervisors: Hardi Tullus, Asko Lõhmus (Tartu University).

Seedre, Meelis. 16.12.2013. Disturbance effects on boreal forest ecosystem carbon dynamics. Supervisors: Kalev Jõgiste, Han Chen (Lakehead University).

Sibul, Ivar. 01.04.2005. The effects of some botanical insecticides and environmental factors to the behaviour and physiology of the large pine weevil, Hylobius abietis (L.) (Coleoptera, Curculionidae). Supervisors: Hardi Tullus, Kaljo Voolma.

Sims, Allan. 26.08.2009. Information system of dendrometric models and data a tool for modeling of forest growth. Supervisor: Andres Kiviste.

Tamme, Valdek. 25.08.2016. Development of resistance-type control methods for wood drying. Supervisor: Peeter Muiste.

Teder, Meelis. 13.02.2017. The role of institutional innovation in the development of Estonian forest sector. Supervisors: Paavo Kaimre, Peeter Muiste.

Tilk, Mari. 12.12.2018. Ground vegetation diversity and geobotanical analysis in the south-west Estonian dune pine forests. Supervisors: Katri Ots, Malle Mandre, Tea Tullus.

Tullus, Arvo. 21.06.2010. Tree growth and the factors affecting it in young hybrid aspen plantations. Supervisors: Hardi Tullus, Aivo Vares (State Forest Management Centre).

Tullus, Tea. 22.05.2013. Understorey vegetation and factors affecting it in young deciduous forest plantations on former agricultural land. Supervisors: Hardi Tullus, Elle Roosaluste (Tartu University).

Uri, Veiko. 25.10.2001. The dynamics of biomass production and nutrient status of grey alder and hybrid alder plantations on abandoned agricultural lands. Supervisors: Hardi Tullus, Krista Lõhmus (Tartu University).

Vares, Aivo. 2005. Noorte lehtpuistute kasv ja areng erinevates kasvukohatingimustes. Supervisors: Hardi Tullus, Krista Lõhmus (Tartu University).

Varik, Mats. 29.08.2014. Carbon fluxes and storages in chronosequence of Silver birch stands. Supervisors: Veiko Uri, Krista Lõhmus (Tartu University).

Vodde, Floortje. 16.12.2013. Microsites and tree regeneration dynamics: prolonged storm effects in hemiboreal mixed forest. Supervisors: Kalev Jõgiste, Godefridus Maria Johannes Mohren (Wageningen University).


Engineering Sciences

Jürgenson, Evelin. 27.10.2017. Implementation of the land reform in Estonia: institutional arrangement, speed of implementation and land plot fragmentation. Supervisor: Siim Maasikamäe.

Jürgenson, Harli. 21.05.2003. Determination of the precision geoid in Estonia. Supervisor: Jüri Randjärv.

Kall,Tarmo. 03.05.2016. Vertical crustal movements based  on precise levellings in Estonia. Supervisors: Aive Liibusk, Jüri  Randjärv.

Kiviste, Mihkel. 21.01.2011. Condition and residual bearing capacity of existing reinforced concrete structures. Supervisor: Jaan Miljan.

Liba, Natalja. 19.04.2005. Foundations of photogrammetry (textbook for university). Supervisor: Jüri Randjärv.

Liibusk, Aive. 22.04.2013. Precise hydrodynamic levelling using pressure gauges with application to improvement of the Estonian National Levelling Network. Supervisors: Harli Jürgenson, Artu Ellmann (Tallinn University of Technology).

Ozola, Lilita. 2005. Puitkonstruktsioonide kandevõimet mõjutavate ebamäärasuste ja faktorite muutlikkuse mõju arvestamine. Supervisors: Tõnu Keskküla, Jaan Miljan.

Ruus, Aime. 23.02.2007. Uninsulated cowsheds: ventilation and aspects of building physics. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Tõnu Keskküla. 

Ryabchikov, Alexander. 2005. Development of some mechanical methods for measurement of residual stresses in coatings. Supervisors: Jakub Kõo, Harri Lille.

Teder, Marko. 29.08.2016. Non-destructive assessment of physico-mechanical properties of structural timber and glulam. Supervisors: Jaan Miljan, Xiping Wang.

Vain, Ants. 18.06.2012. Correcting and calibrating airborne laser scanning intensity data using naturally available targets. Supervisors: Natalja Liba, Kalev Sepp.

Valgur, Jaak. 29.06.2001. Computer-aided experimental mechanics of residual stresses of coated spheres, discs, cylinders and plates. Supervisor: Jakub Kõo.